What do we believe?

These vision statements describe us:

  1. We want to prove daily that prayer is vital in all we do, sharing everything with God, constantly listening for Father God’s voice and obeying Him wholeheartedly, even when it’s hard.
  2. We want to allow the power of Christ’s Gospel to transform our lives and overflow to others through our attitude and what we do and say.
  3. We want to soak ourselves in God’s Word to know Him better, and understand more of His promises and plans, that we may confidently follow the Spirit’s lead to live daring, sacrificial, and credible Christian lives.
  4. We want to join God in opening the hearts of people of all ages and backgrounds, in Fullarton parish and beyond, to the love of Christ, helping them to become His dedicated followers.
    In particular:
  • We want to help children and young people to find acceptance, security, value and hope through the Good News of Christ.
  • We want to join Jesus in getting alongside people on the borders of our church and society, sharing their lives and concerns, and helping them to experience God’s loving acceptance, through our practical expressions of Christ’s sacrificial love.
  • We want to learn to eat, weep, laugh, celebrate and share our whole lives with God and one another, creating a captivating, compelling community, which invites outsiders in and highly values visitors.