Whether you want to be married in our church building, a hotel, castle or while jumping out of a plane, our minister is happy to chat about being involved in your plans.

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Good reasons for getting married

  1. Life-long companionship between husband and wife.
  2. The most excellent context for sexual relations between man and woman.
  3. A secure setting for raising children.
  4. The happiness and wellbeing of human society.

Cohabitation and marriage

Significantly more couples break up having lived together before getting married, compared to those who get married before living together.

A danger for cohabiting couples is that they don’t always recognise the serious change in relationship that marriage entails. Whatever, marriages that work are working marriages!

We live in an age when people are shy of commitment, but if you truly love your fiancé/partner then marriage is a wonderful opportunity to publicly declare that ‘come-what-may love’ and commit yourselves to one another, for life.