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Hot-tub Culture

‘Glamping’ (Glamorous Camping) is much more attractive than the rough ‘Camping’ of my younger years, and ‘Bed and Breakfasting’ even better. I’m getting ‘saft’ in my old age, yet given the challenge of roughing it with some fellow ‘up-for-it’ folk to walk / cycle / journey with, I’m ready to endure hugging a hard floored […]

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Transcendent Testosterone?

Is Mel Gibson’s ‘Mad-Max Jesus’ from ‘The Passion of The Christ’ (2004) the real Jesus, withstanding incessant, vicious violence to come back for more? If Gibson uses John’s Gospel to see this Jesus, the movie ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ (1979) uses Luke’s Gospel to see its softly spoken, monotonous(?), one dimensional Jesus, played by Robert Powell. […]

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Book Cover, Judge Never!

Irvine’s ‘Marymass’ is one of Scotland’s most famous ‘community engaging’ festivals. It’s Saturday celebrations usually pass me by, but this year, as interim moderator of The Old Parish, I found myself parading and saying grace at Provost Joan Sturgeon’s resplendent reception on Irvine Moor. Not to miss a trick, we also got ahead with filming […]

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Great Gran’s Gold!

I’m a bit bleary eyed after staying up to watch ‘Never Hurry a Murray’ sweat, swat and swipe his record breaking second tennis Olympic Gold. Alas, I didn’t last to see ‘Wayde Van Niekerk’ smash Michael Johnson’s 19 year old 400m World Record. As Usain Bolt bows out as ‘speed king of the track’, is […]

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“I can’t get no satisfaction…” croaked Mick Jagger with his unmistakable thick lipped-pout, venting a deep seated human yearning for more, but more of what? Meaning, Significance, Purpose, Intimacy; all of the above and more?

I’m full of admiration for Olympian athletes like Peaty, Bolt and Murray who demonstrate such hunger and determination to better themselves, […]

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Sporting Summer

What a sporting summer! Wimbledon’s Meteoric Murray, Formula One’s Highflying Hamilton and Euro’s Pugnacious Portugal make way for Rory McIlroy and other top golfers as Troon takes the world stage for British Open Golf, shortly followed by the Women’s Scottish Open at Irvine’s Dundonald Links! And didn’t Wales do us proud reaching the semi-finals of […]

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I’m not an ‘arty-farty’ type nor a ‘culture vulture’, but Saturday’s visit to ‘Jupiter Artland’ (at Bonnington House, Kirknewton, 7 miles from Edinburgh) had me in awe and waxing lyrical about this glorious art-attraction, which husband and wife owners Robert and Nicky […]

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