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Brexit Breakfast

Like many of you, I awoke last Friday surprised at Britain’s choice, by a narrow majority, to leave the European Union (EU). ‘Brexit’ (Britain’s Exit), broke many hearts and gave rise to a Facebook flurry of heart wringing and sabre rattling at the possible prospect of Boris Johnson as […]

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I know that I’m not alone in reaching Thursday’s choice to stay in or leave the European Union (EU) a bit bamboozled by the fear-inducing spin and counter-spin from both sides of the political divide. What I am sure of is that, whichever way we step, in or out […]

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Tail Wagging The Dog

Hatred + Anger + Easy Access to lethal weapons have once again proved to be a deadly and tragic cocktail. As The World wakes up to an unfolding tale of terror in Orlando, recovering victims and the bereaved find themselves caught in a nightmare they long to awake from. […]

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Clay feet

On reflection, I realise that last week’s blog was only half the story of how I’ve stayed almost 27 years at Fullarton (I’m not suggesting all ministries should last so long). I continue to salute our Fullarton Family’s willingness to change, adapt and grow into The People God […]

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Walking Football

Starting in October 2015 an experiment with KA Leisure & SFA NA Football Development, ‘Walking Football’ has taken off.

Now running (sorry, ‘walking’) on Thursdays, 10 – 11am on the Magnum’s astro pitch. All welcome, but remember ‘No Running!’

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Sports Development Worker

Stuart Forsyth, former Youth and Community Development Worker at Newton on Ayr’s ‘Room 60’, is helping us to develop & diversify our sports ministry, connecting with people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and disabilities. We’re grateful for The RANK Foundation & Joseph Rank Trust for making it possible and ask for your prayers as […]

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Fullarton ConneXions

A view of our first 10.30am service back in our new buildings ‘Fullarton ConneXions’!

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Shoeshank Redemption

Prequel to The Shoes Brothers’ Trilogy – ‘Shoeshank Redemption’, Blue in Greenock Prison.

The prisoners wrote most of the script and came up with the name. Take a bow Greenock Prison

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In It!

View The MIB / MIP Christmas Single ‘In It’.
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