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First hearing about PM Boris ‘proroguing’ parliament, I wondered if it had something to do with ‘Pierogis’, Stuffed Dumplings! “Fair definition, Neil” you might say. Of course, now we all know that ‘Proroguing Parliament’ is ‘asking for it to be suspended or extended’.

Whatever our personal perspective […]

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Blog Fog?

So why blog on Monday mornings? It’s not as if I don’t have a few other things to do.


It all started at the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010, trying to include my church, local community, friends and family in my journey there as a chaplain in […]

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Dream Team!

30 years ago, when I started as ‘meenister’ at Fullarton, I didn’t imagine me still here today! I thought 25 years max’, not wanting to outstay my welcome. Yet, God had other plans and yesterday, one day after my ordination anniversary, I’d another of those dream […]

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A week in The Borders, at St Mary’s Loch, sweet sojourn in Eden. A church building (1845) converted (1986) into a home with gorgeous garden, now a friend’s holiday house, became a magical door into kaleidoscopic cathedral colours, recreation and royal rest. Inspired by ‘Gideon Heugh’, his […]

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Soeren was intrigued to watch a flock of geese fail to fly south with colder weather. But the novelty of a grounded gaggle planted around his pond gave way to pity several seasons later when they hadn’t left, paying no heed to the honking of fellow flocks on high, flying south. They’d feel inspired for […]

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Tenting in torrential rain isn’t great timing. I remember wishing I had a kayak or dinghy for a bed, while camping in a deluge. How many times have we felt ‘in the right place at the wrong time’? At a weekend music festival, friends found an idyllic, […]

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Why gossip & engage in casual, unconstrained chat about other people, typically involving hearsay & unconfirmed details? What needs do we meet by spreading such tittle-tattle, rumours, whispers, tales & stories? Is it a lack of contentment, excitement or esteem in our lives, and the chance to feel better about ourselves at another’s expense? Perhaps […]

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Passionate Persistence

Ace Story-Teller Jesus coined a cracker in ‘Maw, Paw & The Broons’ Bairns & Beasts’. At mid-night a traveller turned up at Joktan’s seeking sleep & sustenance. Jok’s cupboard’s bare, so he jumps next door rattling Broon’s door for help, “Gie us some breed (bread) will […]

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What A Keeper!?

Ok, ‘Watching grass grow’ is more gripping than Saturday’s European Champions League Cup Final played out, but, as a neutral (well almost, I fondly remember Pool’s previous European victories) I was delighted to see Jurgen Klopp’s Crew reap some reward from their remarkable year in which they […]

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Grace & Grit

 The docufilm ‘Kim Swims’ (Netflix) stirs & inspires me; the story of marathon open water swimmer Kimberley Chambers becoming the first woman to swim 30 miles from the Farallon Islands to the Golden Gate Bridge through cold, rough & shark-populated waters off San Francisco, one of only a few people to complete the ‘Ocean’s seven biggest […]

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