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Last Minutes

With only minutes before the ‘final whistle’, score lines determine the intensity with which a team plays, as shown by Liverpool, Spurs &, just yesterday, the Super Ayrshire Killie. The General Assembly (GA) of The Church of Scotland (C of S) is presently recognising, that we’re […]

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I’m ashamed of myself with a confession to make. A charming door-to-door salesman shared his bag’s contents to see if anything caught my eye. He gave a marvellous demonstration of his handy products. I admired his polished presentation & industry (door to door work can be […]

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What is it about ‘Roadworks’? They always seem to come at a time when you least expect them, intentionally positioned to thwart you getting to your destination in good time. In the Easter holidays I found myself stuck in slow, long, laborious lines of traffic, and […]

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So, is Tiger Woods the greatest ‘Come-back King’? 2 years ago Tiger’s eyes betrayed emptiness, depression & shame, his life at a dead-end. What a journey from ‘reckless driver’ arrest to driving down the last fairway of the US Masters to a cheering world, his career […]

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Tiger Who?

What’s more important than winning? “Nothing!” some say. But, is your character not more important? “What’s your net gain if you win all there is to win in the world and lose your soul (true inner lasting identity), in the process?”warns Jesus in Matthew 16:26.


Tiger Woods […]

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Heaven Scent

I’m back from skiing in the Italian Alps (Livigno) with family, totally away from the warp & woof, roles, responsibilities & routines of working life. ‘Pasta fuelled parish pastor on the piste’, I was so grateful for the ability to scream down slopes & slalom through […]

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Gen’ Together

Not one for labels, I prefer to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, but I admit it can be helpful to understand trends associated with each generation. A danger is that we pre-judge each other and don’t allow for variation in outlook & experience of individuals & groups we try […]

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Game Changers

The times are a’changin’ & changin’ fast! Computers in your eye glass, Broadband faster than a cheetah, Mobile Phones with TV, camera, diary, torch, & coffee maker built in; Car gadgets, Robot servants, etc. Ever felt left behind or wanted the world to stop & let you off? Adapting to change is difficult, just ask […]

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Over the Ayrshire hills my car cut through Friday’s fog towards the new crematorium between Largs & Kilbirnie, myriad images bouncing around my soul. The 9am quiet committal service came before Fullarton ConneXions’ celebration of Dr Elspeth Campbell’s 92 years, obstetrician extraordinaire who helped deliver half of […]

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