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Easter Transformers

A weary & wabbit truck driver pulled his rig into an all-night diner’s parking and sat-in, famished. The waitress had just served three tough looking, leather clad, Hell’s Angel’s type motorcyclists, who decided to give the truck driver a hard time. They verbally abused him, […]

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God Colours & Flavours

Recently replying to a tweet by rapper @ZubyMusic, who reckoned the Western World would be “screwed without Christianity”, the media magnate Elon Musk agreed saying, “You’re probably right.” Zuby was likening the removal of Christianity from western culture to “removing the foundations of a building but […]

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Upside Down World

“Gie us Peace!” & “Anything for some peace and quiet!” are understandable heartfelt cries in the face of bawling bairns dug-in to their stubborn trenches of resistance to parental direction, or anyone stressed and strung out in daily life, work and living. And yet, in […]

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“If you’re a traitor I’ll never talk to you again!” says Mollie to Harry. Chosen Traitor, treacherous 23year old smiling baby-faced Harry assures sweet Mollie that she needn’t worry, because he’s ‘100% faithful’. His justification for such […]

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David Soul

David Soul died, aged 80, on 4th January 2024. People may remember David best from playing Ken Hutch(inson) in the famous TV cop series ‘Starksy & Hutch’ (1975-79) and UK No.1 solo song hits ‘Don’t give up on us now’ & ‘Silver Lady’. For others […]

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Noah’s Lark

Solid rain was the forecast. Undaunted I peddled and paddled out, in pursuit of some soaked solace. It was a challenging week and I needed to get away from it all, so off I sped through Dalry, […]

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True ID

On an Antarctic ice-flow, baby polar bear asks his dad, “Am I really a polar bear?”

“Of course you are son.”

“Am I REALLY a polar bear dad?”

“You certainly are son!”

“Are you really sure I’m a polar bear dad!?!”


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Stories of Forgiveness

Spats between Donkey and Shrek, princes Harry and William, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, Kardashian sisters; racial conflict in South Africa, ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, conflicts and wars across the world; family and friendship breakdowns, bullying in schools, streets, and workplaces, etc. The World echoes […]

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‘Horror’ is not my bag or preferred reading or TV viewing, however it seemed timely that I should recently be cycling, with son-in-law Gary, through Cruden Bay at a time when bats, skeletons and pumpkins haunted homes, […]

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“I don’t believe it!” cries Victor Meldrew in ‘One foot in the grave’. “I can’t believe it!” claims my cycling buddy Scott. And “Unbelievable!” are the responses to the testimony of Erzad Suleiman (in a Samaritan’s Purse Tik Tok video), delivered by Jesus from the […]

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