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The rabbit was rooted to the spot, its eyes caught in the car’s headlights. Meeeewow, the car rolled on oblivious to the carnage, and the rest is history! Such is the overwhelming scale of need in today’s world and the detailed information fired at us, we […]

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One of the beauties of long-distance road-cycling is that you have plenty of opportunity to process stuff. Each wheel revolution oils the whirring of your heart, mind and soul to reflect, look forward, adjust and re-calibrate life and living. The gifts of Faith, Hope and Love, […]

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‘Apprehensive’ is the chief adjective being used to describe our approaches to starting school, phased return to work, church services, employment seeking, and finding a positive ‘new norm’.


Apprehension is being ‘anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen’ – “he felt apprehensive about going […]

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The Test.

Some people imagine heaven with a window overlooking a famous Cricket Ground, but that sounds more like Hell to me, watching Test Cricket more akin to watching paint dry, but I was wrapped by Amazon Prime’s ‘The Test’ (8part series).

I’ve loved viewing Amazon Prime’s Series: ‘Sunderland Till I Die!’, ‘Take Us Home: Leeds Utd’ and […]

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Man Tears!

It doesn’t take much to reduce me to a puddle of tears, but it wasn’t always like that. I can be the only person sobbing in a full cinema, able to cry at the slightest thing. My grownup kids and wife have seen me greet at […]

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“If it’s not on Strava…!” implyies that, unless a cycle, run, swim or walk is recorded on your Strava app’ it never happened. My phone ran out of juice almost mid-coast to coast cycle from ‘Bonar Bridge’ to ‘Scourie’ (and back). Thus, ensued some light-hearted ‘Strava’ […]

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Lost or Found?

John Lennon’s claim that “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus!” was like throwing oil on America’s fiery Bible Belt, where it whipped a storm. Lennon made numerous ‘tongue in cheek’ (?) remarks: that he was the incarnation of Jesus Christ; one of Jesus Christ’s biggest […]

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I’ve held off blogging about anything related to George Floyd’s death and the #blacklivesmatter (BLM) message and movement, wanting to listen more than speak. I’ve heard people misunderstand and argue that it’s wrong to value ‘black people’ more than any other race and others speak in […]

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Feeling a bit ‘deflated’? I came across a red sports car on my cycles and couldn’t resist a photo of its deflated tyres & recorded a 60 second sermon. As lockdown grinds through the phases, weeks become months and we adjust expectations of ‘going back to […]

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Your Move

Are you ‘champing at the bit’ to escape home, village, town or city for a break? Many of us have cancelled or postponed holidays and been forced to explore our own home & locale more. With parking closed off at beaches & parks, cycling & walking […]

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