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Dear Anne

Dear Anne, You are sorely missed, fondly remembered and, 2 years since leaving these Scotia shores for heavenly, what joy to celebrate your life together with neighbours, church, and family!

Due to pandemic restrictions, […]

2022-05-16T12:15:12+01:0016 May 2022|Comments Off on Dear Anne

“Ya Beauty!”

Is beauty simply ‘in the eye of the beholder’? Surely, it’s so much more!? Beauty can be enjoyed, experienced, and explored through taste, touch, smell, hearing and the 6th sense of spiritual ‘soul-sight’? Yet, is beauty always subjective, dependent upon the person engaged by beauty? […]

2022-05-09T10:12:04+01:009 May 2022|Comments Off on “Ya Beauty!”

Big 6 OH!

With pensioner bus pass in my wallet and Big ‘6-Oh Help Ma Boab!’ birthday clocked, I don’t look a day over 59. As someone said, “Age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter!” […]

2022-05-04T08:06:24+01:002 May 2022|Comments Off on Big 6 OH!


What sparks or drains joy in you? Ingrid F Lee in her TED Talk, “Where joy hides and how to find it” cites ‘circles’ and ‘curves’ as joy giving shapes, while ‘jaggy edged’ objects have the opposite effect. She asks, if joy is so important […]

2022-04-25T10:54:04+01:0025 April 2022|Comments Off on JOY!  

Comeback King

So, who are the ‘Come-back Kings & Queens’? Tiger Woods overcoming injury, depression, addiction, arrest & shame, to claim the US Masters crown again? Finnish policeman ‘Lasse Viren’ falling in the Munich Olympic 10,000m final, 1972, getting back up to win gold in a world […]

2022-04-18T09:30:16+01:0018 April 2022|Comments Off on Comeback King

Easter Trail

A young lady was eyeing up a pendant she fancied in a jeweller’s shop, intrigued she asked about who the person was hanging on the cross. Alas, today we can’t assume that all of our young people, and everyone else, know the Easter story about […]

2022-04-11T10:01:15+01:0011 April 2022|Comments Off on Easter Trail

Satan’s Swipe?

So, why did Will Smith stride onstage to slap comedian Chris Rock for cracking an ill-conceived, poor taste joke, aimed at Will’s wife Jadda? Was he trying to defend his wife, pride, masculinity, identity, or even his mother, having grown up in a troubled home, […]

2022-04-04T11:14:51+01:004 April 2022|Comments Off on Satan’s Swipe?

Goliath Gazing?

Again, I’m struck by the unlikely story of David defeating of Goliath. A young shepherd boy enters a war-scene, King Saul’s Israelite army transfixed by Goliath gazing, daunted and overwhelmed by the insurmountable problem that is a 9 & ½ feet tall Philistine who has strutted and […]

2022-03-28T10:32:53+01:0028 March 2022|Comments Off on Goliath Gazing?

Sunshine Through Rain

What tragedy and travesties of injustice are unfolding before our very eyes in, and around, Ukraine! tragedy, sorrow & heartache! And how moving is the groundswell of support for people fleeing and those remaining in their homeland. A world of solidarity.


How on earth can God allow such […]

2022-03-21T10:40:57+00:0021 March 2022|Comments Off on Sunshine Through Rain

Wally Prayers

Friends, ‘7 days without prayer make one weak!’ Yes, we can give financially to Ukrainian aid (EG. Blythswood Care) and perhaps even receive refugees into our homes & communities, but ‘prayer’ is the most accessible thing to do in the face of awful war.


Reflecting on a half […]

2022-03-07T09:46:49+00:007 March 2022|Comments Off on Wally Prayers