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Serendipity: A ‘Happy Accident or Coincidence’. There I stood in the Foyer of Edinburgh’s Playhouse when, low and behold, my future wife stood 30 feet away. Two years previously we’d only met briefly. Was is it my sometime effusive friendliness, spurred on by the striking […]

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Missing Link

It’s been a glorious annual circuit cycle and pedal-pilgrimage for the last 8 years and, till Friday, passing trouble free. Conditions were almost perfect for the day-spin, which includes […]

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Just Sit Doon!

Beware wanting to do something good for God! King David had a magnificent idea to build God a glorious Temple for his presence and praise. David was grateful to God for so much. David had achieved much in becoming king of the southern and northern […]

2022-07-24T18:05:20+01:0024 July 2022|Comments Off on Just Sit Doon!

Skinny Dip

So, I’ve been wild swimming Mon’, Wed’ & Fri’ at 6am alongside Sandy & his mates, Johnny & Ben. It’s some job shoehorning my thick torso into a wetsuit (should’ve got a couple sizes bigger)! It’s even […]

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Whispering God

Is my life too busy and noisy to notice and hear God’s whispers?

I’ve just finished Pete Greig’s wonderfully absorbing and practical book ‘how to hear God – a simple guide for normal people’. And will re-read to practise its wisdom and […]

2022-07-11T11:09:38+01:0011 July 2022|Comments Off on Whispering God

Costly Grace

Robert Burns adeptly exposed human hypocrisy with sharp humour. Like you and me, he was far from perfect, but skilled at pointing out the worst & best in humanity and great aspiration to make the world a better place: “Man to Man the world o’er […]

2022-06-30T16:44:48+01:0030 June 2022|Comments Off on Costly Grace

Soul Survivor!

What makes you ‘you’, your vital spark, your inner you? How many current uses of the word ‘soul’ can you come up with: ‘poor wee soul’, ‘soul mate’, ‘soul food, ‘soul searching’, ‘from the depths of my soul!’ ‘number of souls aboard this ship’, ‘soul […]

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Servant Queen

Whatever your views of royalty, 70 years serving the UK & British Commonwealth is remarkable! Yearly at Christmas the Queen shares what’s important to her. Her personal Faith, Hope & Love come shining through as she reflects on each year and offers empathy, sympathy, and encouragement […]

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Rainbow Recovery

A church minister couldn’t face his flock one Sunday morning and phoned in a ‘sicky’! He threw his golf clubs into his car boot and headed to a course where no one would recognise him. His swing found new freedom and, down-wind at the 9th, […]

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Dear Anne

Dear Anne, You are sorely missed, fondly remembered and, 2 years since leaving these Scotia shores for heavenly, what joy to celebrate your life together with neighbours, church, and family!

Due to pandemic restrictions, […]

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