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Bride Pride

No one in my family guessed right as to when my tear floodgates would open around my youngest Zoe’s wedding. 7 years ago, I managed to walk daughter Amy down the aisle, give away and marry her, and deliver a faither-o’-the-bride speech, maintaining dry eyed dignity throughout. […]

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Heaven & Heartbreak

Photo by Carl Campbell on Unsplash

My heart breaks for the people of Afghanistan & Haiti as they wrestle with the raw reality of severe injury, injustice, and incomprehension. Babies and children crushed under collapsing walls and stampeding people, take human sorrow to unimaginable depths of darkness.



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Summer Joy

What a roller coaster is this crossing called ‘life’ and what a privilege to be an Irvine pastor. Perahps a movie and song in the making: ‘4 funerals and a wedding’ and ‘Baby, baby!’ On Friday I conducted the funeral services and life-celebrations of two special senior […]

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‘Resilience’ is a quality and value especially esteemed in our local schools. In the face of continuing frustration, difficulty, distraction and danger for many, the ability to persevere and ‘carry on regardless’ is much needed. Thomas Edison, before getting his celebrated electric light to work, had a […]

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Olympic Inspiration

I’m loving the Olympics, whizzing through highlights, especially interested when someone medals against the odds, like triathlete Georgia Taylor-Brown, who cycled to silver with a puncture. I also love to hear of grace and great sportsmanship at work. It […]

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Days in our week are a mish-mash of Greek, Roman & Germanic gods. SUNday our first day, MOONday and SATURNday have obvious connections to neighbouring planets. The Roman Empire’s first day was Emperor’s Day. Imagine re-naming Sunday ‘Boris Day’, ‘Nicola Day’ or ‘Queen Elizabeth Day’? For Christians […]

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Soul Shifting!

If the last 17 months were ‘surreal’ in the suspension of life as we knew it, then yesterday’s informal church visit to Eglington Park was ‘so real’ in a staggering and […]

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Prayer Line

God’s got the devil, evil and all Satan’s minions surrounded, but have we noticed our ‘call-up papers’ to join the prayer frontline?

In Revelation chapters 6 & 7, Jesus’ Supersonic-7 Sermon illustrates the awful raw reality of: social evil in ‘blood-red war’; ecological evil in death-black famine; biological […]

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How embarrassing to get caught in the middle of nowhere, run out of fuel for your motor! I suspect some of us have been running on fuel-fumes lately and maybe even burnt out, forced into a life layby, or even worse ‘crashed’.


There are periods in my life, […]

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“Hey Rev, how come your #60secondsermon (#SSS) had sunshine, but it was raining today!?” Aha, there’s the trick, out on a cycle, run or walk I can whip out my mobile and record multiple messages and, by posting each […]

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