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Great Sports

Soon the golf world gathers at Royal Troon GC for the annual British Open. In the Euros, Scotland won German hearts with their ‘No Scotland, No Party’ high spirited shenanigans, as our team snatched defeat from the […]

2024-07-10T22:10:42+01:008 July 2024|Comments Off on Great Sports

Scotsman Abroad

When your grandson Hezekiah is born in Oxford, England, it’s imperative he gets instant Scottish encouragement. We didn’t go as far as drip feeding Wee Eck with Irn Bru or wafting haggis his way but surrounding him with Scottish accents at the start of his […]

2024-06-24T13:42:27+01:0024 June 2024|Comments Off on Scotsman Abroad

New Shoes!

“Chilly for June!?” It’s definitely ‘cool in the kilt or kaftan’ but perfect temperature for shorts & outdoor fitba. Alas, last Wednesday’s 5’s astro turf tussle was the end of an era for me. My beloved dimpled shoes that stuck to the turf like limpets […]

2024-06-10T16:48:43+01:0010 June 2024|Comments Off on New Shoes!

 Glesga Bus

African Swahili for ‘empathy’ is ‘poli’, literally “I feel your toothache!” If ‘sympathy’ is to say, “That must hurt”, ‘empathy’ is trying to feel yourself into someone’s situation, shoes, gums, bones and soul. Observers of Western society say that empathy has much reduced in recent […]

2024-05-27T11:07:32+01:0027 May 2024|Comments Off on  Glesga Bus


Some of you are too young to remember Ricky Fulton’s hysterical clerical caricature ‘Rev I M Jolly’. Alas, I know a few Revs who are better I M Jollys than Ricky was, but Fr Willie Boyd certainly comes nowhere near such a sullen depressing reflection […]

2024-05-19T21:42:48+01:0019 May 2024|Comments Off on ClerJOY!

Hebridean Way

My scunneration with the disruption to Cal Mac’s Oban to Barra ferry was tempered by thoughts of St Columba & teams of Celtic saints rowing their tiny leather-lined coracles through tempest to reach the Outer Hebrides. Conditions were calm on the late combined ferry to […]

2024-05-06T12:04:48+01:006 May 2024|Comments Off on Hebridean Way

Weed Worry!

As our tall trumpeting daffodils give way to lions’ teeth (dandelions) the challenge for gardeners is to root out rising weeds to clear room for plants, flowers and foliage to beautify our gardens and parks. It’s a constant challenge to keep on top of worry […]

2024-04-15T12:33:24+01:0015 April 2024|Comments Off on Weed Worry!

Easter Transformers

A weary & wabbit truck driver pulled his rig into an all-night diner’s parking and sat-in, famished. The waitress had just served three tough looking, leather clad, Hell’s Angel’s type motorcyclists, who decided to give the truck driver a hard time. They verbally abused him, […]

2024-03-25T12:45:00+00:0025 March 2024|Comments Off on Easter Transformers

God Colours & Flavours

Recently replying to a tweet by rapper @ZubyMusic, who reckoned the Western World would be “screwed without Christianity”, the media magnate Elon Musk agreed saying, “You’re probably right.” Zuby was likening the removal of Christianity from western culture to “removing the foundations of a building but […]

2024-02-12T11:32:11+00:0012 February 2024|Comments Off on God Colours & Flavours

Upside Down World

“Gie us Peace!” & “Anything for some peace and quiet!” are understandable heartfelt cries in the face of bawling bairns dug-in to their stubborn trenches of resistance to parental direction, or anyone stressed and strung out in daily life, work and living. And yet, in […]

2024-02-05T11:57:41+00:005 February 2024|Comments Off on Upside Down World