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“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing (dream) fulfilled is a tree of life.” runs the Proverb (13:12).

John Cleese, in the movie ‘Clockwise’ chimes well with my experience of following Scotland at football. Farce falls further into farce as he (head teacher) evades his longing to reach an award ceremony and […]

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With Tier 3 Restrictions in Scotland, and degrees of lockdown elsewhere, comes a fresh wave of discouragement, discontent and concern for people’s wellbeing. There are many breaking & broken people in our community & world, through: lost loved ones, fear of untreatable illness, restricted freedom, lost […]

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NUTZ, what a legend! Fr Wull and Ma’sel, chatting about UK daylight-saving time and gaining an extra hour on our short 9.30am Irvine Beat Soul Sunday Show, were recognising the vital importance of Light and Light Bearers, Good News and Good News Sharers, as we delve […]

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“Honk, Honk!” Have you noticed the wild geese flying overhead in V-formations? “Honk, Honk!” you hear them before seeing them, such is the din of their in-flight entertainment. What is going on up there and why such a racket? Apparently, it’s not the latest gossip, but […]

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More Than Conkers!

It’s funny how sights and smells can summon sharp memories! Waterside has horse chestnut trees heaving with ‘conkers’, which hang heavy in their spiky green capsules. And yesterday I had a pleasant walk with my dear 90 year old Maw past the burn crossing, where (Way […]

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Worry God?

Does God Worry? Not if God is All-Knowing, All-seeing, Always Present, All-Loving, Almighty All, The Great I AM (full stop)! IN CHARGE!!! But, Did Jesus (God as human) Get Anxious? Jesus’ earthly life shows God entering into our worries and anxiety: thoroughly disturbed at Lazarus’s grave, […]

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Braw Beauty!

What a blast of beauty is the 5 Ferries Challenge. Around 90 miles cycling, it takes you from Irvine – Ardrossan – Brodick – Lochranza – Claonaig – Tarbert – Portavadie – Colintraive – Rhubodach – Rothesay – Wemyss-Bay and back to Irvine within the same […]

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What gives you joy or drains your joy? Curiously, Ingrid F Lee in her TED Talk, “Where joy hides and how to find it” cites from scientific research, that ‘circles’ and ‘curves’ give us humans more joy than other shapes, while ‘jaggy edged’ objects have the […]

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The rabbit was rooted to the spot, its eyes caught in the car’s headlights. Meeeewow, the car rolled on oblivious to the carnage, and the rest is history! Such is the overwhelming scale of need in today’s world and the detailed information fired at us, we […]

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One of the beauties of long-distance road-cycling is that you have plenty of opportunity to process stuff. Each wheel revolution oils the whirring of your heart, mind and soul to reflect, look forward, adjust and re-calibrate life and living. The gifts of Faith, Hope and Love, […]

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