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Goliath Gazing?

Again, I’m struck by the unlikely story of David defeating of Goliath. A young shepherd boy enters a war-scene, King Saul’s Israelite army transfixed by Goliath gazing, daunted and overwhelmed by the insurmountable problem that is a 9 & ½ feet tall Philistine who has strutted and […]

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Sunshine Through Rain

What tragedy and travesties of injustice are unfolding before our very eyes in, and around, Ukraine! tragedy, sorrow & heartache! And how moving is the groundswell of support for people fleeing and those remaining in their homeland. A world of solidarity.


How on earth can God allow such […]

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Wally Prayers

Friends, ‘7 days without prayer make one weak!’ Yes, we can give financially to Ukrainian aid (EG. Blythswood Care) and perhaps even receive refugees into our homes & communities, but ‘prayer’ is the most accessible thing to do in the face of awful war.


Reflecting on a half […]

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Why, Oh Why, Oh Why such bullying and bloodshed by President Putin!? Vladimir Putin sounds angry in justifying his move to topple the democratically elected government of Ukraine and describes the violent end coming to anyone who stands in […]

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Poetic Justice

Again, I sailed too close to the wind and ended up calling in St Dorothy of Waterside to rescue me from my cycle, 9 miles short of Lenzie, where our friends, The McNaughts, live. Foolishly, I had only one […]

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In Touch

“If we choose to love only in a long-distance way, we will be deprived, for skin requires regular contact if it is to remain sensitive and responsive.” (Dr Paul Brand in ‘Fearfully & Wonderfully Made’)


Internet technology has allowed us to keep in touch from a distance during […]

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“Here we go again!” is a regular sigh of my soul as I rise in the darkness of another wintry morning after another night of disturbed sleep (just my time of life). By God’s Grace my sloth and sullenness are dispelled and cleared by the sunshine of […]

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The word that ‘The Fonz’, in the TV series ‘Happy Days’, could never bring himself to say without squirming and feeling forced to squeeze it out like dregs at the end of a toothpaste tube, was “SORRRRRRY”. Maybe you can say sorry easily, but genuine, humble, pure […]

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Buts & Butts

“No buts it’s got to be butter!” went the old advert for a leading butter brand. ‘But’ is a useful word, signalling a change or emphasis in a sentence: “I admire the tenacity of Boris Johnson, but it might be time to let go?”


But ‘but’ can also […]

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Unlikely Hero

Do you know ‘Mr Rogers’? Or should I say ‘who he was’ as he passed in 2003, aged 75. I just watched ‘A wonderful day in the neighbourhood’, starring Tom Hanks, on Netflix. Previously, my wife cringed every time she heard Mister Rogers speak or mentioned, such was his strange, high-pitched American whiney voice and […]

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