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Brass Monkeys

Bonny Scotland! Where all four seasons can come in one day. Lately
we’ve had some beautiful bright, but cold weather. One moment you could be sunbathing the next dodging hailstones. As they say, “Never cast a clout till May’s out” (never discard your [warm winter] clothing till June). […]

2021-04-12T13:57:03+01:0012 April 2021|Comments Off on Brass Monkeys

No God!

A few years ago the Humanist Association’s ‘There’s Probably No God. Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your Life!’ posters offended some, confirmed the views of others, and got people talking about faith and belief. The clever phrase avoided declaring ‘There Is No God!’ something one cannot prove and for which you might be sued. I happily […]

2021-04-05T09:55:42+01:005 April 2021|Comments Off on No God!

Easter Colour







After one whole year of lockdown restrictions and Covid-19, which put ‘dem’ into panic, we’re in Holy Week for the second time, a roller-coaster week of reflection: ranging from ‘green’ elation of Jesus’ triumphal […]

2021-03-29T11:21:24+01:0029 March 2021|Comments Off on Easter Colour

God’s Playfulness

God is playful and Immutable (unchangeable) in character, nature, purpose and promises. Immutable facts are rock-solid sureties, which will never change over time. I believe God’s divine DNA includes amazing creativity and playfulness. Think of how God spins planets around the sun, the greatest (ball) ‘keepy-up’ expert […]

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Negativity Fast

So, what are you going without for Lent, the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter (4th April)? Chocolate, alcohol, cakes, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, TV, etc?  I’ll not tell you what I’ve […]

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Terminal Trust

“So, what happens when we die?” someone asked me. How to condense and simplify myriad Bible verses about judgement, salvation, eternal life and varying Christian angles on the afterlife? It is such an important question!


After death comes God’s ‘judgment’ on our ability to save ourselves: ‘NO CHANCE!’ […]

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I was on a bit of a ‘Ginger Bender’ last weekend, with three Gingerrific moments:


Mountain biking through Dundonald Woods, I bumped into three hieland coos, met from a previous #60secondsermon. My sermons can be likened to these marvellous specimens’ horns, with two points and lots of ‘you […]

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African Swahili for ‘empathy’ is ‘poli’, literally “I feel your toothache!” If ‘sympathy’ is to say, “That must hurt”, ‘empathy’ is trying to feel yourself into someone’s situation, shoes, gums, bones and soul.


Observers of Western society say that empathy has much reduced in recent years and is […]

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Eyes Wide Open!

I pray in my car, perhaps not as hard as my wife does, when I’m driving. I like praying while walking or out cycling in the Ayrshire hills. Obviously, such prayer requires eyes wide open, otherwise (unless visually impaired) […]

2021-02-08T11:08:12+00:008 February 2021|Comments Off on Eyes Wide Open!

Long Live Romance!

Let me tell you ‘romance is not dead!’ On Saturday 23rd January I escaped North Ayrshire to marry lovebirds Lee and Juliana in Dairsie Castle, nr Cupar and what a joy it was! Alas, lockdown restrictions limited the gathering […]

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