“Hey Rev, how come your #60secondsermon (#SSS) had sunshine, but it was raining today!?” Aha, there’s the trick, out on a cycle, run or walk I can whip out my mobile and record multiple messages and, by posting each morning, save Sunday, suggest I’m out every morning. Close followers may think I’m never aff ma bike, but I’m only out once or twice a week. Since 27th April 2020 Monday – Saturday, we’ve (Stu Forsyth of Limelight Media editing) churned out one minute motivational messages on Fullarton Connexions’ Instagram and Facebook feeds (also vented via my twitter @NU4Yoo , Instagram @brandnu4u & Facebook feeds).

332+ posts later It’s time to take consider whether to continue these daily devotionals and if so, how to develop them. So, I’m asking for feedback. Considered responses are gold and hard to come by. Thanks Jim, for the encouragement to sky-dive, abseil, swim, paddleboard, kayak, golf and use other sports as varied backdrops. Thanks Tony, for insight that, as well as spiritual inspiration, the Scottish scenery has blessed you, exiled in a far-away-land. Thanks Louise & David, for sharing that some posts offer a different view and positive thoughts for your living.  Thanks Elizabeth, for detailed comments on recent #SSSs and ‘praying through the Psalms’ as suggested 150+ #SSSs ago. Thanks May, for suggesting I clean my bike and face more often. Feel free to join the craic and feedback!

Thanks Steven, asking who I’m trying to reach and what we’re trying to achieve. Connexions social feeds mainly connect with over 50’s and more women than men, so we try to reach younger people through Instagram. I’m a teacher-evangelist and possibly trying to cover too many bases (teaching, evangelism, pre-evangelism, inspiration, devotion, mindfulness). Should I home in on one aim and ‘go for it’. ‘Sermon’ isn’t friendly for some. Suggestions for a new name? #1minutemessage & #minutemotivation are used by others; what about #60SecCheck: a daily ‘speed bump’ to check in (with God, yourself, life) with the double meaning of a ‘reward’ to cash in.

We’re challenging others in our church to join in, encouraging folk to record their own #60secondsermons and send them in. We appreciate that Facebook messages need to be 3+ minutes to get wider circulation and that Youtube encourage longer podcasts, as we aim to increase our internet reach and fulfil Fullarton Church’s mission statement ‘Together, to share Jesus’ love and make disciples’. Numbers of views are not nearly as important as interactions with real people, which lead to ongoing loving, caring relationships.

Not sure how much longer I’ll use #SSSs but they presently enrich my cycles and outdoor pursuits, drawing me closer to the awesome God who made the beauty that is Scotland and who comes to us so personally through Jesus and His Spirit. They’ve helpfully slowed me down and forced me to say what I want to say more succinctly and sharply than before. Some of my flock are hopeful Sunday sermons (focuses) may reduce to 60 seconds! “Dream on!” But they are shorter, allowing for more follow-on ‘care to share’ time, discussion and consideration of how to apply sermon lessons. ‘Go Forward to Church’, not ‘back to church’ is what Christ is surely saying to Today’s Church as we emerge from pandemic. Dear God, deliver us from the cry, “NO WAY! This is how it’s aye been done!” Lead, guide and help us to say “YES!” to You Lord Jesus, ever old and ever new.