More madness, mayhem & meaning coming your way my friends! It’s that time of year when Fr Wullie & I get singing, dancing and rope y’all into the Fun, Laughter, Advent Adventures and Christmas Message of Hope.
In response to 20 months of pandemic pressure this year’s Shoes Song ’Together!’ combines ‘High-school Musical’ energy, with the empathy and sympathy of Christ. The Christ of Christmas comes to stretch our loving souls to release his peace into our neighbourhoods through all willing to ‘get our head, heart, body & whole being in the game’.

Remember Zac Efron in the opening scene of ‘High School Musical’:
gloriously sweaty, bounding about, basketball bouncing and shooting hoops? The Shoes Brothers (aka ‘Min in Black’ or Thae Dafties!) are all about inclusion, breaking down barriers and celebrating community, so we’re stoked that Glasgow Rocks’ Wheelchair Basketball team ‘Rollin Rocks’ were happy to share a practice session with Willie & I. So, watch out for some whiz-wheelchair antics. It’s humbling and inspiring to see these able athletes overcoming disability to compete as a team and celebrate a wonderful sport!

Your intrepid ‘numpties’ are also filmed jogging, exercising, swimming & attempting to paddle board on Irvine Beach, with a few perplexed passers-by wondering what in Hector’s House is going on. Some pupils from St Marks & Loudoun Montgomery Primary Schools and various Irvine activity groups are also involved in the dance. We hope to run a wee competition to get people and activity groups videoing & photographing themselves doing their version of the song & dance. So, watch this space, the song is released on Irvine Beat FM’s ‘Soul Sunday’, 9.25am on 28th November, with the film out, a week later, on Facebook and Fullonart’s YouTube Channel.

Irvine Beat Radio are fantastic partners of The Shoes Bros and will play ‘We’re all in this Together’ throughout the run-up to Christmas & New Year and ensure that you can’t get it out of your head. Under the weather and waves, on your front foot going forward, or simply plodding on regardless, the spur is to socialise and exercise with others and grow mental, physical, social, and spiritual resilience ‘TOGETHER’. As the catchy chorus says,


We’ve had some hard times

We’ve had some low times

But, there will be good times

‘Cause we’re all in this together. 


‘Together’ will hopefully both lift your spirit and inspire you to spread the peace, hope and love of Jesus.


“Are ye dancin’?”