Does it bug you how easily we litter our streets, seas & fields? I’m chuffed how committed North Ayrshire Council is to recycling (what colour will our next bin be?). Christmas means much ‘stuff’ purchased, exchanged & discarded, increasing the challenge to reduce, refuse, recycle, re-use, rot, refill, etc.


Jesus’ first Christmas bed was a recycled animal feeding box (manger), come to save our precious planet, plus you and me, to ‘recycle’ a new heaven & earth. “God so loved the World (people & planet) that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him will not rot but have everlasting life.”  (Bible)


We (‘Min in Black’ – Fr Willie Boyd & Rev Neil Urquhart), recently renamed by STV News Website ‘The Priesty Boys’, loved joining Irvine Clean-up Crew, Coastwatch, Irvine Beat FM & local schools in making our Christmas single & short film, with a strong Eco-theme ‘Come to save our planet!’ It ends with,

“You matter to God, matter matters to God, (let’s) SAVE OUR PLANET!’

We hope you can recognise and appreciate how much God loves You and Planet Earth and are able to respond with a Big ‘Yes!’ to God’s warm invitation to join Him in Caring for this gorgeously gobsmacking Globe, stupendously suspended in our solar system. And let’s also join God in looking out for and caring for one another, especially the lonely, isolated and vulnerable near us!

Wishing you well and God’s Blessing this Christmas & New Year!

Your local MiB and friends,

Neil & Willie

P.S. View ‘Come to save our planet’ on ‘Shoes Brothers Dance – SBD’ Facebook page or ‘Fullonart’ Youtube Channel, and listen to the single on Spotify & other music streams & stores under ‘The Shoes Brothers’.