Does God have a tartan? 11 International chaplains with about 20 local chaplains of various World Faiths, serving spiritual and emotional needs of the 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village. Small cogs in a huge wheel of care, and it’s been a pleasure to work with such a positive and talented team. Highlights include staying with our hosts, darling couple and their adult son; athletes services and their inspiring faith stories;lLearning together around the Bible and praying with people from all over the World. What a kaleidoscope of colours, cultures and commitment!

There’s nothing like competition to challenge your identity. Win or lose, medal or mess-up, ‘Who you are’ is questioned. An athlete bombed something awful, nearing the end of his athletics career he stared into a void and vacuum without meaning, purpose and significance, wondering what on earth he
and life was all about. Whatever the outcome of our actions, when the dust settles, ‘Who are you!?’ is the critical question. He was able to recognise that relationships ultimately define him: a husband, dad, son, brother, friend, and most significant and influential, his ID as a beloved son of God and brother in Christ.


I was heart broken for Scot ‘Callum Hawkins’ as he stumbled into dehydrated oblivion in the Marathon, within touching distance of Gold’s Glory. Fortunately he is recovering well despite the length of time it took for a medical response. Once competition and whatever we do is over, ‘who are we in our innermost being (soul)?’ All too easily we end up back on a treadmill of training for the next event, work and hyperactivity, such that we fail to invest in soul nurturing relationships.


When we discipline ourselves to bask in God’s Love for us, celebrate intimacy with God as our heavenly parent, and allow Jesus to be our ultimate Coach, a kaleidoscope of colour beams and blesses others around you. 10,000m Aussie runner  Eloise Wellings was among those
who faithfully gathered in the faith centre for spiritual nurture and encouragement. She didn’t medal in her race, but her identity as beloved daughter of God beamed brightly as she stayed on, along with fellow Aussies, to congratulate last placed Lineo Chaka of Lesotho, who finished 5 minutes after the Ugandan winner. It was heartwarming to see her embrace Chaka at the finishing line!


The Opening & Closing ceremonies were exuberant expressions of colour, culture & creativity. We all have our national identities of which we’re rightfully proud, but the beautiful tartanic multicolours of Christ’s Kingdom are even more gobsmacking in beauty. God’s colours and costumes shine with Christ’s Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self-Control, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Humility. May Coach Jesus overflow our lives with the awesome commitment and colours of His Kingdom!