Rap, Techno, Hip Hop, Dub, House, Grunge, Goth, Country, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Disco, Hardcore, “it’s all ‘Rock n Roll to me!” Saturday night revealed a ‘Rave in the nave’ at Fullarton ConneXions. Likely, I’ve already lost most of you, including younger ‘with it’ readers. My offspring are good at sharing their embarrassment at my attempts to ‘get doon wiff da yoof’, and that’s ok / kool. The closest I could’ve got to identifying with Sat’ night’s 200 young Gen’ Zed’s youthful pogo-bouncing buzz was a ‘Hip-Hoperation’.

But what a blast last week was, getting alongside teenagers in our two secondary schools, with the help of Youth For Christ’s 3 teams ‘Sense’ (Music Band), ‘Stance’ (St Dance & Drama), & ‘Cube’ (Interactive, Multi-Sensory Space), Guvna B (MOBO winning Urban contemporary gospel rap artist), ‘Prayer Space’ (provided by local churches’ 24/7 prayer team) & Fullarton Church’s Youth & Community team.


Kudos to Irvine & Kilmarnock Presbytery’s ‘Mission Primer Fund’ & ‘Ferguson Bequest’ for supporting this amazing ‘More to Life’ Christian Focus Week, and to Lindsey & Stuart Forsyth for vision and powers of coordination! We look forward to continuing the journey with those signed up for ‘SPARK’ (‘youth alpha’ type course) on Tuesdays at our Gate youth centre, 6 – 7pm.


As I say, “It’s all Rock n Roll to me!” as Fr Willie & I pull together our Christmas single ‘Kindness Rocks’ and film scenes for the ‘Alternativity’ short film we’ll launch at Fullarton ConneXions on 10th December, 7 – 8pm. Joining in with North Ayrshire’s ‘Network of Kindness’ we’re celebrating the truth that ‘kindness to others and ourselves makes the world a better place to live and work in’. Hairy bikers (shepherds), immigrant ‘New Scots’ (Wise Ones), and menacing teenagers will all prove the power of kindness, as Mary & Joe bring baby Jesus into our neighbourhood at a Fullarton St bus shelter.

I’m channelling my ‘Bruce Springsteen’ (looking more like Rab C), and Wull his ‘Bono’. Brace yourselves! ‘Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they will always have much material!’ Here’s the chorus:

“Kindness rocks and kindness rolls, I don’t know what you’ve been told,

The world believes it’s fine to be unkind.

Kindness rocks and shows the way to a brighter world and a better day,

So let the love of God shine through your smile!