Little did Jane Ross know that, by agreeing to play the part of a pensioner trying to cross the road, that she’d become a world-wide movie star. Likewise, hulk-biker Gordon Smith had no inkling that his ‘kind act’ of escorting Jane to the other side of Fullarton Street, would be viewed 50+ million times via social media and read about in the Daily Mail, London Metro, and who knows where else! Angela Blakely was beautifully oblivious to the bigger picture, that the scene she was videoing was part of ‘Kindness Rocks!’ the latest Shoes Brothers film.

Some may feel cheated on realising that this touching act of kindness from the burly biker was set up. I prefer to delight in the kindness it celebrates and can inspire in each of us. Our film is a mix of imaginary and real life stories of kindness, which combine with the Christmas story re-imagined in today’s world. As our song’s chorus goes,


“Kindness rocks and kindness rolls, I don’t know what you’ve been told,

The world believes it’s fine to be unkind.

Kindness rocks and shows the way to a brighter world and a better day,

So let the love of God shine through your smile!

What this viral interest in kindness proves is that we want to believe in and be part of a kinder world. And the Christmas story gives us such a vision and hope in a God who helps us will an work for such a world, where no one is left starving, homeless, purposeless and unloved. In the birth of Jesus God comes in human form to get alongside, support, strengthen and ultimately save us.


In ‘Kindness Rocks!’ the Nativity shepherds are meat-loaf like bikers who help Mary, Joe & Baby Jesus find temporary accommodation in Victoria House Homeless Hostel; the 3 generous Wise Men are ‘Big Issue’ sellers who bring food, nappies and other helpful gifts; the loitering youths are thoughtful & helpful to a frightened shopper, while the glum Centrestage workers become a breath of fresh air to the residents of Fullarton Care Home with their dancing and singing.


Brexit, Universal Credit, a depleted NHS and stark unemployment are combining to darken threaten our world. Poor and underprivileged people are all too easily falling between the cracks of care. So who can you surprise and inspire with kindness today and every day in Advent? Here’s a wee advent calendar to kindle our kindness – ‘Kindness Rocks! Let it Roll…’