Motorcyclist shepherds help local darling pensioner ‘Jane Ross’ across a pelican crossing, after numerous cars pass her by. Little did we know that Angela in the high flats captured it on video and posted it on Facebook, struck by the kindness of these leather clad bikers from Kilmarnock’s Full Armour Hub. All part of our ‘Kindness Rocks!’ short film, launching at ConneXions on Monday (10th Dec’), 7 – 8pm.

Clearly our world has an appetite for good old fashioned kindness as the wee clip has gone viral, 230,000 views and rising rapidly as I write. It’s heartening to see so many examples of people caring for others. Take 18 year old Paige Hunter, who empathised so well with people considering jumping from a bridge in Sunderland, that she has been leaving wee messages to encourage them to ‘choose life’. Apparently, so far she has saved 10 people from suicide.


Last week goal scoring hero and Killie FC player ‘Kris Boyd’ kindly shared with 3rd years at Irvine Royal Academy at the start of a mental health & wellbeing day in which I participated. From painful experience of losing a brother to suicide, Kris spoke eloquently of the importance of learning to find words and descriptions for the feelings that all too easily can get bottled up and all mixed up into one big mass of darkness and depression.

Kindness Rocks! Tracy was on her way back to work after 15 weeks off seriously ill, apprehensively she approached Cunninghame House daunted by what might lie ahead. Something caught her eye, a painted rock with the message ‘Stay Strong!’ Just what she needed, it lifted her and helped her start again with renewed hope and confidence.

It’s amazing the difference a simple smile can make to someone, so we set out on a ‘Meanness Sucks, Kindness Smiles’ Challenge, contrasting contorted faces from sooking a lemon segment, to the beautiful beaming smiles accompanying a sweet. As our new Shoes Brothers’ song puts it, “Kindness Rocks, Meanness Sucks, It’s Cool to be Kind!”

 Good friend Dave Hopwood sent me one of his ‘Well Done! Like What You Did There!’ cards after reading of our ‘Kindness Rocks!’ campaign. He writes, “I was inspired this year by the mayor of Bogata who changed his city by encouraging kindness. He did lots of things and issued thumbs up cards to pass on when folks saw someone doing something good or kind. I thought I’d copy the idea, so I got my own cards done and have been giving them out since. Was so encouraged and  blown away last week when I revisited a church I speak at from time to time and found they loved the idea so much they got their own cards done and have been giving them out.”

Another great idea to make kindness ‘Viral’! As our chorus puts it,

“Kindness rocks and kindness rolls, I don’t know what you’ve been told,

The world believes it’s fine to be unkind.

Kindness rocks and shows the way to a brighter world and a better day,

So let the love of God shine through your smile!

Friends – Kindness Rocks, So Let it Roll!!!