‘You Insta-Twit-Face Tube’. Guilty as charged! I love Youtube, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook (Fb)? My wife only uses ‘Youtube’ and frowns on my infatuation with social media.

I’m amazed how you can keep in touch with folk from all over the world as well as nearby family and friends. I used to think ‘blogging’ is something lumberjacks do. For over 7 years I’ve posted weekly ‘blog’ reflections in cyber space, enjoying the feedback and discussions that follow. I’m humbled when folk stop me in the street to tell me that they read my blogs, printed weekly in the local paper.

But the down side of social media is how addictive and distracting it is, easily diverting us from more important stuff, like meeting people ‘Face to Face’. A café sign reads, “No internet available! Talk to the person next to you!” Wonderful technology, like computers, mobiles & TVs can rob us of ‘face to face’ quality time with family, friends & neighbours.

Sean Parker, inventor of ‘Nabster’ & early investor in Facebook has expressed concern over how Facebook is a danger to young people’s minds and emotional growth, “Facebook is a social-validation feedback loop … exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you’re exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology.” ‘Black Mirror’ is 3 seasons long, but I managed only half an episode, such was my ‘cringe factor’ over how someone’s identity, esteem & wellbeing was so tied up in getting graded ‘likes’ on social media.

Everyone likes to be liked, but if you’re fishing for love and acceptance beyond existing loving relationships for love, then you’ll never get enough ‘likes’ to satisfy your soul via social media, for you’ll always be chasing an acceptance that’s out of reach.

I believe in a God who loves you with an everlasting, come-what-may, Love that no number of ‘likes’ can produce or duplicate. I trust in One who meets us face to face in Jesus. I’m stoked to be in relationship with this ‘author of all’, who wants us to know and feel deep down within, that ‘We are BELOVED’. I want to be part of a community that loves one another, even though we won’t always ‘like’ one another.

I don’t mind being called ‘You Insta-Twit-Face Tube’, but I’m aware of the daily temptation of being lured away from face to face relationships. Dear Lord, help us to “Keep Community Real, not Virtual!”