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Neil’s Blog

Most Mondays Rev Neil blogs on issues that get his soul, cells and creative juices working. It’s a discipline he has valued since blogging from Delhi’s CW Games in 2010.

Neil loves connecting with people and especially enjoys comments and conversations resulting from his blogs. Locally, The Irvine Times print his blogs and photos, while internationally they reach a wider audience and community of world-wide bloggers.

Neil Urquhart

The Test.

Some people imagine heaven with a window overlooking a famous Cricket Ground, but that sounds more like Hell to me, watching Test Cricket more akin to watching paint dry, but I was wrapped by Amazon Prime’s ‘The Test’ (8part series). I’ve loved viewing Amazon Prime’s Series: ‘Sunderland Till I Die!’, ‘Take Us Home: Leeds Utd’ and ‘All or Nothing’ covering NZ Rugby, American Football, and [...]

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Corona Christ

13 April 2020|

Corona Christ! ‘No’- not a new curse, ‘Yes’ - an increased clarity of who Jesus is.   Have you noticed a louder & clearer dawn chorus of birds with fewer engines running? Did you see [...]

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6 April 2020|

After the novelty of lockdown, many people’s spirits have dipped, and moods darkened. Coming to terms with the loss of freedom, work, schedules, seeing family & friends face to face, and the need for new [...]

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30 March 2020|

So many stars making a daily difference ‘on the ground’ in our NHS, community hubs & social networks. People like Prof Jason Leitch giving a clear, concise & compassionate national lead. I was sorry to [...]

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New Normal

23 March 2020|

2 weekends ago I stepped into Easter Ross’s ‘Land that time forgot’ for a week’s recovery & renewal. Some decisions followed us, like having to close Connexions, but returning to my desk today, is like [...]

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Weed Worry!

15 March 2020|

As March marches on beauty breaks out all around. Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils signal Spring sprung and the scent of summer. Alas, unwelcome weeds accompany the beauty. In time dandelions will run amok and threaten [...]

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Immaculate Infection

9 March 2020|

So how are your Coronavirus sensitivity levels faring? Responsibly handwashing, keeping body fluids to yourself & encouraging others to do the same, without jumping onto the panic bandwagon? Yesterday in church we encouraged everyone to [...]

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Untapped Power

17 February 2020|

Storm ‘Dennis The Menace’ diverted me from my usual Saturday cycle to a beach jog. Arthritis in both knees dissuades me from regular running, but I needed out to exercise. Heading south from the pilot [...]

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Run to the Rescue

10 February 2020|

Described by one critic as "deliciously creepy perversity" in his fictitious portrayal of Roman Emperor Commodus in the box office smash ‘Gladiator’, Joaquin Phoenix has managed to express and explore numerous troubled characters in his [...]

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Who R U?

3 February 2020|

‘Identity, Belonging & Purpose’ (‘IBP’)are 3 deeply human values and needs. The questions “Who am I? Where do I fit? What am I living for?” confront us in periods of adolescence, mid-life, retirement, ill health, [...]

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