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Neil’s Blog

Most Mondays Rev Neil blogs on issues that get his soul, cells and creative juices working. It’s a discipline he has valued since blogging from Delhi’s CW Games in 2010.

Neil loves connecting with people and especially enjoys comments and conversations resulting from his blogs. Locally, The Irvine Times print his blogs and photos, while internationally they reach a wider audience and community of world-wide bloggers.

Neil Urquhart

No God!

A few years ago the Humanist Association's 'There's Probably No God. Stop Worrying And Enjoy Your Life!' posters offended some, confirmed the views of others, and got people talking about faith and belief. The clever phrase avoided declaring ‘There Is No God!’ something one cannot prove and for which you might be sued. I happily agree with their claim that there is no ‘Kill-Joy, Big [...]

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All Change?

4 January 2021|

The times are a’changin’ and changin’ fast! Computers in your contact lenses, Broadband faster than a cheetah, Mobile Phones with TV, camera, diary, torch, & coffee maker built in; Apps for every activity, Robot servants [...]

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28 December 2020|

What do you make of these ‘new year’ quotes? “Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.” “A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year [...]

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Missing Peace?

21 December 2020|

What makes Christmas for you? Kids, family together, parties, helping others, trees, lights, tinsel, food, drink, carols, nativity scenes, services, cards, presents, Binge-TV, snuggled up in front of the fire, etc. Like me you may [...]

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14 December 2020|

What fills or drains your joy tank? From scientific research, Ingrid F Lee cites that ‘circles’ and ‘curves’ deliver more joy than other shapes, while ‘jaggy edged’ objects do the opposite. She asks, if joy [...]

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7 December 2020|

Kids come out with some crackers! One youngster asked where the ‘bear’ in a nativity scene was. He saw a donkey, sheep and even a cow, but no bear! His parents assured him there were [...]

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23 November 2020|

“Good! Fine! Okay. Not Bad. Rank Rotten!” How honestly do you answer the routine question, “How’re you doing / going?” How well do you mask how harassed & harangued you are? My trite polite answers [...]

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16 November 2020|

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing (dream) fulfilled is a tree of life.” runs the Proverb (13:12). John Cleese, in the movie ‘Clockwise’ chimes well with my experience of following Scotland at [...]

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2 November 2020|

With Tier 3 Restrictions in Scotland, and degrees of lockdown elsewhere, comes a fresh wave of discouragement, discontent and concern for people’s wellbeing. There are many breaking & broken people in our community & world, [...]

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25 October 2020|

NUTZ, what a legend! Fr Wull and Ma’sel, chatting about UK daylight-saving time and gaining an extra hour on our short 9.30am Irvine Beat Soul Sunday Show, were recognising the vital importance of Light and [...]

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19 October 2020|

“Honk, Honk!” Have you noticed the wild geese flying overhead in V-formations? “Honk, Honk!” you hear them before seeing them, such is the din of their in-flight entertainment. What is going on up there and [...]

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More Than Conkers!

12 October 2020|

It’s funny how sights and smells can summon sharp memories! Waterside has horse chestnut trees heaving with ‘conkers’, which hang heavy in their spiky green capsules. And yesterday I had a pleasant walk with my [...]

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