Again, I sailed too close to the wind and ended up calling in St Dorothy of Waterside to rescue me from my cycle, 9 miles short of Lenzie, where our friends, The McNaughts, live. Foolishly, I had only one spare inner tube, which fixed my back tyre after a thorn punctured it near Bishopton. I could have patched the second puncture and carried on, but chose the lazy option to call Dorothy, reckoning it wasn’t too big a detour for her to pick me up at Glasgow’s Westerton train station, next to where my pride was punctured.


Lessons to learn: look out for glass & thorns; pack more inner tubes (I’m not ready to use slime); don’t presume upon Dorothy’s good nature and willingness to serve my needs, laziness and stupidity; praise The God who is so gracious and able to work all things together for good. Here’s where I think to compare prosaic & poetic, mystery & mastery.


Definition of prosaic: having or using the style or diction of prose as opposed to poetry; lacking imaginativeness or originality. “prosaic language can’t convey the experience”

Similar words: unimaginative, uninspired, matter-of-fact, dull, dry, humdrum, mundane, pedestrian, heavy, plodding, lifeless, dead, spiritless, lacklustre, undistinguished, stale,

bland, insipid, vapid, vacuous, banal, hackneyed, trite, literal, factual, unpoetic, unemotional, unsentimental, clear, plain, unadorned, unembellished, unvarnished, monotonous, deadpan, flat, commonplace, unromantic. “the masses were too preoccupied by prosaic day-to-day concerns”

How tragic to describe your life, church activity, work, daily living as prosaic. I do value order, but perhaps you can tell that I like to veer, even career, towards the ‘poetic’? I prepare for adventures but don’t always have all my inner tubes in a row. I once set out on a 120mile cycle after taking a quick look at a circular route on the internet. ‘There can’t be too many roads to choose from beyond Lairg (North of Scotland), I’ll just follow my nose!’ Passing loch after loch, #60secsermon after #60secsermon, suddenly I looked across the next stretch of water, ‘blimey, those are cliffs!’ I’d reached the Atlantic Ocean. I did manage back to my car in Lairg without needing rescued, but it taught me to read maps and plan long-distance cycles a bit better.

How balanced are you in using right and left sides of your brain? Left side is about logic, ordered thinking and planning, while our right side is more about creativity, imagination and ‘living with, even thriving on mess’. If the left side of our brain is concerned with ‘mastery’ and being in control, the right side happily delves deeper into mist & mystery, content to say “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”, to let things be and not need to feel ‘in control’ all the time. In this respect I see some fellow Christians so left sided in personality that they remind me more of the militant atheist and biologist Richard Dawkins than Jesus.

I’m not great at picking up the nuances of classical poetry, but I do love the poetic, imaginative and sensitively emotional styles of expression, “the orchestral playing was colourful and poetic”. On my cycle to Lenzie, via the Erskine Bridge & Clyde Canal, I looked forward to the kudos of another 50mile cycle. Alas, there was ‘poetic justice’ in me swallowing pride to ask darling Dorothy for help ‘again!’. As one friend put it, Dorothy offers the best cycle-rescue service in Scotland! ‘Nae Dramas Dorothy’ I love you!