Life’s like a rollercoaster at times, isn’t it? Up one moment and down the next, so sure on your feet then suddenly belly-up, rug pulled from under us! A child is born with all the accompanying joy and within hours a dear loved one dies.

Yes, most of our days and minutes consist of ‘run of the mill’ routine walking and talking, working and resting, looking and learning, eating and exercising, waiting and pressing. Yes, ‘Blessed are the plodders, for they shall be applauded!’ but sometimes life has a topsy-turvy, gut-wrenching rollercoaster momentum of its own.


I was quite apprehensive about my first real, rollicking rollercoaster ride, due to experience of sickening simulators, but rollercoasters are very different. Simulators go nowhere and just make you feel squeamish; rollercoasters might still sicken you, but they’ve got direction and go somewhere.


Following Jesus through the Bible’s Gospels is a right riveting ‘rollercoaster read’, with so many ups, downs, twists and turns. On the mount of transfiguration Jesus is lit up with heroes Moses And Elijah and next down in the valley with a demanding family crisis. Jesus weeps and is livid at Lazarus’s death, then suddenly brings him to life. Between the Gospel highs and lows are hours and hours of dusty hiking and earthy routine meals, ablutions and time-passing, but journeying with Jesus was, and still is a rollercoaster.


Fear can deter you from riding rollercoasters, and ‘fear’ can stop you living life to the max. On Friday I interviewed Linvoy Primus for our ‘Faith n Fitba’ night. He started following Jesus mid-football career at English Premiership’s Portsmouth. Realising that there’s someone and something bigger and more important than football helped him see his career in a better, bigger context. Recognising Jesus as Saviour, Lord, Boss, God and leader of his life, freed him to perform at his best. Knowing Jesus is with you through thick and thin can release us from flurry, scurry and worry to be the best we can be. Come-what-may, injury or silverware, loss or gain, tears or beaming smiles, Jesus will see us through, indeed, Jesus’ rollercoaster has an awesome destination.

So, hop on, or rather, ask Jesus in, and let him take you on the ride of your life!