Mum was glued the telly when I momentarily interrupted her, after cycling over to Largs. The coronation ceremony had just started and, of course, Mum had been watching the whole proceedings from early hours. Being 93 Mum remembers Queen Elizabeth II’s crowning and has been a loyal royalist all her days. The 2 union jack flags, she’d risked life and limb to stick on her flat window, unashamedly declared her unionist tendencies and commitment to the crown.

I confess that the service was a bit too High Church and ‘ye old worldy and wordy’ for my liking. Wearing carpets and curtains is a little strange to me, however one couldn’t help but be impressed by the colour, grandeur and sense of occasion, history in the making.

Sadly, some of us have still to forgive Charles for his part in princess Diana’s demise, but whether Royalist or Republican, Unionist or Nationalist, believer, or unbeliever, if you’re a British citizen (member of The Commonwealth), King Charles III has pledged to serve and protect you. Two characteristics struck me about this thoroughly civil and deeply religious crowning ceremony: how many times The Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) and name of Jesus Christ were reverently and gratefully mentioned, and how Jesus’ Way of Service and Sacrifice was held up as the measuring stick and inspiration for Charles’ reign. The stark contrast between the heavy jewel festooned crown and ornate robes, and Jesus’ crucified nakedness and thorn crown, was stark and powerful.

I turn to Chris & Jenna Moiser’s wedding, which I recently conducted at Dumfries House. Here in Ayrshire, within only a few miles, we have a treasure, which King Charles saved from rack and ruin. The transformation of house, grounds, and gardens is astonishing and investment in people, trades, and community inspirational. The BBC’s ‘Repair Shop’, Prince’s Trust for young people, and free entry to Dumfries House’s idyllic and playful surrounds, illustrate the servant hearted nature of his Majesty King Charles.

Like Urquhart, ‘Moiser’ is an unusall, and oft mis-pronounced name. Prior to the wedding I made sure I had a good handle on congratulating Mr & Mrs Moiser (Moyser) without mishap. Duh!!! Did I not pray for them as Mr & Mrs ‘Moya’!? What a clanger! Fortunately, Chris graciously corrected me, and I apologised profusely citing ‘forgiveness’ as a critical ingredient for life and marriage. ‘Yuraquat’ and ‘Yogurt’ are among the blots on my surname I’ve had to ignore and forgive.

King Charles has many titles and names, but to his sons he is ‘Dad / Daddy’. There was a tender moment in the Coronation when Prince William swore allegiance to his dad, The King, and kissed him on the cheek. It is humbling and wonderful that, through Jesus Christ, we can now approach God with such reverence and intimacy. Apparently, the surname MOSIER is derived from MOSHER / Moses, who led the Israelites out of Egypt, and means ‘conceived / born of God’. Draped, crowned, carrying symbols of power and authority, and surrounded by gaping millions, King Charles III exited Westminster Abbey, giving us a glimmer and glimpse of the glory that is King Christ’s. Your name may not be ‘Moiser’, but through faith in Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we have the life-transforming right and ability to approach God Almighty to call Him ‘Daddy’. And as God’s beloved children of we can look forward to an even more august and intimate occasion when we (Christ’s Church and Bride) will be married to Christ forever. I look forward to joining my mum and many other loved ones for that glorious occasion and reality!