Whatever your views of royalty, 70 years serving the UK & British Commonwealth is remarkable! Yearly at Christmas the Queen shares what’s important to her. Her personal Faith, Hope & Love come shining through as she reflects on each year and offers empathy, sympathy, and encouragement to us her subjects.

Great to see platinum pop-up celebrations! Coastwatch Irvine organised an excellent beacon lighting celebration at Irvine Beach, parties have been bouncing across the town & shire, and at Connexions last Friday we had a fabulous fun party with a royal spread of food, singing, dancing, and games. There was a beautiful buzz and banter!

I was chaplain to The Queen at Balmoral Castle for one weekend. I said grace at mealtimes and sat on her majesty’s left, chatting with her for half the mealtime. It was wonderful to hear her passions, concerns, and faith first hand.

Naturally I was nervous at first, but The Queen quickly put me at ease. What calmed me most was the truth that I (like you)
constantly live in the presence of The King of Kings with the chance to chat with Him daily!

For the Crathie Kirk service I preached on God’s astonishing, unfair Grace, and had my glove puppet dog Oscar with me. Oscar wears a white minister’s dog collar, hangs his forearms around my neck, and looks lifelike as my right hand works his head to and fro’. He looked right to the Queen’s Guards, forward to the main congregation and got all goggle eyed looking left to see The Queen, whispering excitedly in my ear, to which I answered, “I know!”

Point made was that Oscar knew I was his master and in charge, so he needn’t worry or fear. Dogs which bark and get all anxious feel they need to be in charge and protect. After Jesus was crucified and as his friends gathered in an upper room, worried they were next for the chop, Master Jesus stood among them and said, “Peace be with you all!” All was calm, King Jesus present and in charge. It makes all the difference to know that The Boss of all bosses is with and for you!

At Sunday lunch The Queen greeted me with typical humour, “Oh, I wish I could get my dogs to behave as well as yours!” My time with Queen Elizabeth II confirmed to me that her gracious poise, purpose & peace come through humbly living under the reign and rule of The King of Kings & Lord of Lords, and that she prays for us all to find the joy of knowing God personally through Jesus Christ. Congratulations Your Humble Majesty!