The older I grow the weirder my signature becomes. ‘Neil’ is decipherable from my squiggles but ‘Urquhart’ is more like Arran’s mountain range than a surname. Yet my autograph still carries authority to change things with cheques & contracts, and my paw-print is on the back corner of my odd photo, printed for hanging.

Perhaps, like me you can now open your mobile phone with a fingerprint instead of a password, saving some bother, especially in the dark. Yesterday Andrew Gray (Gideons International) shared, in our service, about God’s autograph, written upon the skies in the awesome beauty of creation.

According to Brian & Tracy Heasley (24/7 Prayer), Ibiza coastal clubs & cafes, such as Café del Mar, have moments of wonder and transcendence when the sun sets and applause erupts. For some it’s a simple salute to a mysterious marvel of nature, but The Bible tells us it’s a reflection of God’s glory, an echo of God’s voice when The Creator commanded, “Let there be light!”

I’m always curious to find out who painted, sculpted, wrote, sang, or played a piece of art which moves me, yet many go through life content to look no further than what meets the eye, happy to live in the moment and not look beyond for an understanding of context, significance and Who might be the author and authority behind it.

Psalm 139 declares “For you (God) made me: I ain’t no whim; you double-stitched my DNA, hand picked my brain the very next day, made some room in my mother’s womb, and hey! I’m away!” (Street Bible)

DNA continues to baffle and inspire scientists with its complexity. Again, I look for the artist’s signature and find the skilled ‘hand of God’. Due to humanity’s rebellion and determination to live without our Maker, God’s signature is often blurred and indecipherable. But it can be traced and recognised in the loving, sacrificial, gracious self-giving of: a parent for their child; a stranger’s help for someone they’ve never met before; a neighbour going out of their way to aid someone who’s treated them badly; a community speaking up for and getting alongside the vulnerable; a word of kindness spoken in the face of ill-will; a man willing to die to save us!

Today I’m stirred in my body and being to celebrate God’s signature written on my soul. St Paul says, “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation, the old has gone the new has come.” The very One, Who made all that is, Who fashioned you and I, is intent on intimacy with us, ready to write his signature upon your soul. But you have to invite Jesus to do this, he’ll not barge into our lives to reclaim and recreate us in God’s image.

But, oh to know God as our loving heavenly Parent, God’s DNA written into and through your soul! Signed, Sealed and Delivered by God’s Spirit writing in our innermost identity, “Beloved, you belong to Me!’