Storm ‘Dennis The Menace’ diverted me from my usual Saturday cycle to a beach jog. Arthritis in both knees dissuades me from regular running, but I needed out to exercise. Heading south from the pilot house it was hard to make headway. The mighty breeze shot everything at me as I cut through the storm like a toothless nobody. Yet, remarkably the wild wind & wet drew out of me determined prayers and helped me to wrestle & work through to trusting all into God’s care & leading.

The wind turbines lining our hills & coasts cause controversy. To some they’re eye soars and blots on the landscape, to others ‘majestic towers’ whirling with wind in their wings, generating energy to power our world. But when the propellers of these massive whirligigs grind to a halt, they’re lanky, lumbering, clumsy, lifeless, graceless and useless!

Wind is a strange phenomenon the way it comes and goes, invisible but for its impact on moveable objects. Have you ever just lain on the ground to view puffy white clouds galloping overhead, blasted & blown by unseen wind? Have you been caught in a fearful storm and buffeted by a mighty power beyond your control or perhaps appreciated a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day?

Without the wind of God’s Spirit inspiring and breathing faith, hope & love in & through my daily life, I’m just as ugly, inactive & inept as a windless windmill, but with the power of God’s loving Spirit all things are possible! Jesus said to Nicodemus, “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” John 3:8 (NIV)

Another thing about these giant windmills is they need to point at the wind to benefit. It’s worth taking time each day to ensure we’re open to and facing God’s Spirit. As I flew home with the wind behind God gave me a fitting climax to my preach at Dreghorn & Springside Parish Church. I’ve been interim moderator there for a year and loved working with Rev Tom Cant (locum) and the friendly, kind & forward looking church family. I’m excited at the prospect of Rev Jamie Milliken being inducted to this Family on Mission (12th March, 7pm) and his teaming up with neighbouring Revs, churches & caring communities to bring in God’s Kingdom of hope & healing.

So yesterday, standing in their pulpit, I urged the good people of Dreghorn & Springside to hoist their sails and allow God’s Spirit to blow with fresh force in & through them, learning to tack, obey and follow God’s Lead. On the return Jog, flying north towards the Coastwatch building I noticed Jim Watson’s windmill at Tescos and considered the amount of untapped wind around me. I saw into the future when, with the help of wind, solar & sea power, Scotland will harness much more of the amazing latent energy around us. And I saw 5 – 10 years ahead churches like Dreghorn & Springside PC, and presbyteries like Irvine & Kilmarnock allowing God’s awesome power of love in Christ to transform our lives and communities. Blow Spirit Blow!