Oh Man, or rather, Aw Snawman!  It is Baltic / Chanking / Bertie Cauld! I’ve never hugged my coffee cup so closely as in recent weeks as we attempt to save  energy at home. As they say, “It would freeze the balls off a brass monkey!”Shortened in schooldays to, “It’s ‘brass monkeys’!”

Of course, ‘freezing the balls off a brass monkey’ is from ancient Armada days, when brass monkeys (bronze hoop-rings) held cannon balls, piled high on a war ship’s deck. Freezing temperatures would shrink the ‘brass monkey’ and off rolled the cannon balls, hence the expression.

Like many other churches & community centres we’re encouraging people to come into Fullarton Connexions to enjoy warmth, friendship, free hot drinks & food, recharge phones, and a right good warm community feel. Warm Space, Heat Hub, Community Comfort, whatever you call it, we aim to continue opening Connexions through the Festive period with the help of volunteers (See openings on Fullarton Connexions Facebook page & Website). We hope to have it open as often as we can during the holidays.

Fortunately, when open, such is the thoroughfare that is Fullarton Connexions, people seeking warmth easily merge with those attending activities. Pride will stop some people from taking advantage of warm spaces, but the truth is that almost all of us, whatever our income and situation, are having to switch off our heating. It’s at such times as this that we can really build up and encourage a greater community feel. We were designed and made for loving, caring relationships, and common needs that we all share are good for growing community spirit.

We’re not sure when exactly Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but if in December it could’ve been ‘Brass Monkeys’ too. There could’ve been snow as it’s 2,543 feet above sea level. Mary & Joseph were forced to swallow pride and ask for the help and shelter they needed to safely deliver and care for baby Jesus. God was leaving the warmth and comfort of heaven to enter our cold world through His Son, to share and shower us with the warmth of His Love.

One of my favourite Christmas songs is:
‘Jesus brings warmth like a winter fire, A light like a candle’s glow
He’s waiting now to come inside, As He did so long ago.
Jesus brings gifts of truth and life And makes them bloom and grow
So welcome Him with a song of joy And when He comes you’ll know:


Christmas isn’t Christmas till it happens in your heart, Somewhere deep inside you is Where Christmas really starts; So give your heart to Jesus, You’ll discover when you do, That it’s Christmas, really Christmas for you.’

Friends, lets receive and share God’s loving warmth, and have the humility and gratitude to allow others to share their warmth with us too. Brrrrrriliant!