Embarrassing or Inspiring? Freelance dancing in a Church of Scotland (BBQ Praise) Service! I blame my noticing the Bible story Israel’s King David dancing ‘taps aff’ (tops off) before the Lord when the Ark of The Covenant was carried into Jerusalem.


Celebrating God’s arrival, David served up some finger-licking ‘bar-b-q’. Well, that got me thinking towards our ‘bbq praise’ focus. Michal, David’s wife, poured scorn on David behaving so disreputably (in her eyes), something my own long suffering wife knows a little of, such is her embarrassment when I get carried away on the dance floor. I really don’t mind making a fool of myself. I’ve never divested as far as David, but joy fills my body and being when music & movement combine in celebration.


So, I invited those, in Sunday night’s congregation, who like dancing to join me on the stage for the lively Hillsongs song ‘I believe in Jesus!’ I encouraged them to dance as if God was the only person watching and everyone else to feel free to move as they felt able. It was beautiful and surprising as almost everyone (including those still seated) young and old alike, felt able to sway at least a few millimetres from side to side, while others launched themselves into full dance mode.


It makes a huge difference for children to see their parents and family present for special school performances, likewise living daily in Father God’s presence is inspirational.


Christ’s birth, life, death & resurrection allowed the early church to update David’s ‘dancing before God’ to ‘dancing with God’. PERICORESIS (round-about movement) describes the three
persons of God, Father, Son &

Holy Spirit dancing around the World & Universe, inviting us all to join in. Ceilidh dancing and, especially the ‘Dashing White Sergeant’, is a helpful image of such beautiful ‘Spirit Choreographed Dancing’.

How to recognise this godly music & movement calling us to join in? Opportunities to experience and express God’s Surprising Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Peace & Restorative Justice. What emotions accompany such godly dance moves? Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness & Self Control!

How do you show God how much you love & value God’s Company and Partnership? We learn to practise God’s Loving Presence in our walking, working, eating, driving, reading, parenting, socialising, playing, sleeping, singing, praying & dancing in God’s Presence.


“So, are you Dancing?”

“No, it’s the way I’m Living!”