Service Recordings

An update for those who used to download the audio recordings of the services. We now stream our morning services live on the Fullarton ConneXions Facebook page where you can not only join in with our worship live, but also be able to contribute with prayer shares and prayer concerns. If you don’t have access […]

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Lightening Lives

Morning service from Sunday 16th September led by Rev Neil Urquhart

Matthew 5:1-13

‘Lightening Lives’ – Living the beatitudes, upside down / right side up ways of looking at our world. Including an interview with Ian Young returned from Malawi.

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Bible Reading and Focus

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‘Ya Dancer’ – Praise Service

Evening Praise service from Sunday 26th August led by the Praise Band and Rev Neil Urquhart

Text Message – 1 Chronicles 15:29 & 16:1-19

Ok, so perhaps Dad was a ‘Bad Dad Dancer’ extraordinaire, but did her care? Not at all! David encourages us to ‘Dance Before God’, Jesus comes to help us Dance With God! A message […]

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‘Pushing the Boat out’

Morning service from Sunday 26th August led by Rev Neil Urquhart (Includes celebration of the Lord’s supper)

Text Message – Acts 7:51 – 8:6 & Matthew 28:18-20

The Master’s Commands can seem confusing at times. He tells his followers to “Go into all the World with the Good News!” but then says, “Wait for The Holy Spirit!” In […]

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Explore Sunday

Morning service from Sunday 19th August led by Mr Andrew Morrison

The service split into explore groups and Andrew’s sermon is included here. You will also hear feedback from the other groups to get a flavour of what went on.

Text Message – Acts 2:42-47

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“Body Building”

Morning service from Sunday 12th August led by Rev Neil Urquhart

Text Message – Luke 24:38-53; Romans 12:6–8, 1 Corinthians 12:4–11, 28, Ephesians 4:4-13

The Church is Called to be ‘Christ’s Body Active on Earth’ Expressing God’s Deep Love for Humanity. So Let’s Get Building The Body, not to Look Good, but to Serve, Sacrifice, Bless Others & […]

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“Too good to be true”

Morning service from Sunday 5th August led by Mr Andrew Morrison

Text Message – Mark 15:41-16:8

“Surely not! No way! That’s not possible!” Just some of the feelings we get when something shocks and surprises us. And, on that first Easter, when Jesus Christ arose from the dead after been beaten, tortured and crucified on Good Friday, the […]
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“Never Tire”

Morning service from Sunday 29th July led by Rev Neil Urquhart

Bible Reading – Mark 15:16-39 and Psalm 22

But Jesus Died 2,000 Years Ago, What Difference Can His Dying Make To Us & Others Today?

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“Guilty or not Guilty”

Morning service from Sunday 22nd July led by Mr Andrew Morrison

Bible Reading – Mark 14:53-15:15

What a horrible few hours! Jesus is accused of all kinds of wrong, despite never sinning even once. Then, his best friend denies even knowing him. Finally, a wicked & evil criminal is released instead of Jesus.

We’re all guilty like these characters we meet […]

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“Glory Hunting”

Morning service from Sunday 15th July led by Rev Neil Urquhart

Text Message – Mark 10:17-45

Money stops a young man following Jesus & pride prevents Jim & John from following Jesus in service & sacrifice. What might stopp us from seeking & experiencing God’s Glory, Grace & Eternal Goodness? What’s more important than God in your […]

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