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FullOn Art

We value the power of the Arts to connect with people!

They are helpful for getting in touch with our inner selves, expressing ourselves, nurturing life-skills and becoming more the creative and passionate people God made us to be. And of course they are great mediums for communicating gospel truths.

Here are some of the arty things we’re up to and aspire to.

Fullarton ConneXions

A view of our first 10.30am service back in our new buildings 'Fullarton ConneXions'!

Shoeshank Redemption

Prequel to The Shoes Brothers' Trilogy - 'Shoeshank Redemption', Blue in Greenock Prison. The prisoners wrote most of the script and came up with the name. Take a bow Greenock Prison

In It!

View The MIB / MIP Christmas Single 'In It'.

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