img_1163Part-time job opportunity – ConneXions Catering Co-ordinator – Fullarton ConneXions seeks a dynamic individual to facilitate day-to-day catering activities at ConneXions and help develop the project. Initially for 10 hours a week, at £9 per hour. Detailed job description and person specification below. More info’ from Dorothy Urquhart coordinator@fullartonconnexions / 07972574776. Expressions of interest should be made in writing to Dorothy Urquhart, 48 Waterside, Irvine; these should include a brief explanation of your interest and the attributes that you would bring to the post and be submitted with a current CV and contact details of 2 referees. The closing date is 2nd October, with interviews as soon after this as possible.

Job Title – ConneXions Catering Coordinator – The Employer will be the Kirk Session of Fullarton Parish Church, Marress Roundabout, Irvine, a Church of Scotland Congregation, Scottish Charity Number SC008725, per the Session Clerk.

Place of Employment – The Employee will be based in Fullarton ConneXions. He/she will have access to a computer on the premises.

Job Summary – To facilitate the day-to-day catering activities at Fullarton ConneXions, as set out in the job description, and help expand the project, creating a nurturing and supportive environment where every volunteer is valued and supported and every customer welcomed and respected.

Job Description – The successful applicant (the Employee) will carry out the whole duties pertaining to the post of Catering Co-ordinator which shall include but are not limited to:

  1. Leading the Tuesday cafe volunteer team, providing 2 kinds of home-made soup and 2 kinds of fresh scones each week and ensuring that there is sufficient baking available – including some from volunteers. Also adding up takings and recording this.
  1. Shopping for the Tuesday cafe or arranging appropriate suppliers of fresh bread and rolls and the standard sandwich fillings currently used.

3. Responsibility for re-stocking the store cupboard and ’fridge items in the kitchen and the drinks ’fridge in the servery for Saturdays and Tuesdays (involves ordering on line from Booker Ayr account – max. allowance £300 per week, paid by direct debit fortnightly).

  1. Communicating and cooperating with all other kitchen-user groups (e.g. Cafe Solace – Tuesdays, Grub and Gospel – Fridays, Community Cafe team leaders – Saturday, Sunday tea and coffee teams) to encourage mutual understanding and assistance enabling all groups to thrive.
  1. Meeting weekly with the Centre Coordinator to ensure that any events requiring catering have sufficient stock and a team leader and volunteers to host on the day.
  1. Exploring opportunities to expand catering as they arise (e.g. children’s parties, take-away foods). This includes undertaking risk assessments where appropriate.
  1. Attending relevant training as required for legislative or developmental purposes in order to ensure that good working practices and knowledge are maintained and taking every opportunity to pass on skills to the volunteers while working with them, arranging training where possible and allocating volunteers appropriately according to their abilities.
  1. Exploring working with other agencies e.g. the job centre to support and enable some volunteers to build up experience that can lead them into paid work.
  1. Using every opportunity possible to affirm positive, supportive relationships and promote the core values of ‘caring relationships, life-celebration and faith’.
  1. Adhering to all relevant health and safety requirements.
  1. Such additional duties as may reasonably be requested by the Employer from time to time.


Salary will be payable at the rate of £9 per hour, payable in arrears per calendar month. The salary will normally be reviewed annually by the Kirk Session.

Hours of Work

The Employee’s normal hours of work will amount initially to 10 hours per week with possible extra hours as events require, up to a maximum of 16 hours per week. Core hours Tuesday 9am to 3pm.  Remaining 4 hours flexible and dependent on catering demands. The employee will keep an accurate weekly time sheet.

It is anticipated that hours may increase as the project expands.

Management Structure

The employee will be line managed by the Centre Coordinator at weekly meetings. The ConneXions Coordinator is under the direction of the Fullarton ConneXions Management Team, which operates under the authority of the Kirk Session of Fullarton Parish Church.


The holiday year is from 1st January to 31st December. Holiday entitlement, based on the employee working 10 hours per week, is 56 hours per annum, in addition to public / bank holidays, the period during which holidays may be taken being at the discretion of the line manager.

Sickness Pay and Benefit

In any period of twelve consecutive months:

  • The Employee will be granted full pay during the first 6 weeks of sick leave and half salary for the next 6 weeks. At the discretion of the Employer, the period of full pay and/or half pay may be extended.
  • For absences through illness of up to seven days the Employee shall self-certify, in writing to the Session Clerk, the reason for his/her absence. In all other cases of absence through illness, medical certificates must be presented to the Session Clerk and any National Insurance Benefits receivable will be deducted from the gross salary payable.
  • Such period or periods of full pay and/or half pay shall not exceed in total 13 weeks in any 12 months period.

Pension Provision

The Employee may choose to make contributions to an agreed pension plan. The Project will also contribute a sum equivalent to 3% of the salary.


This position is reviewable after 3 months to assess how both the worker and the project are faring.

Notice of Termination of Employment

The Employer will give the following notice of termination of employment except in cases of misconduct of a serious nature when the Employee may be suspended or dismissed:

Period of Continuous EmploymentPeriod of Notice
Up to one month:None
More than one month but less than 2 years:1 week
Thereafter increasing by 1 week for every year of continuous employment up to a maximum of:12 weeks

The Employee will give a minimum of two months’ notice of intention to resign.

ConneXions Catering Coordinator – Person Specification

Education, training and qualifications·       Food hygiene certificate·       Qualification in catering, hospitality or similar
Skills and knowledge·       Nutritional knowledge re providing a balanced diet

·       Awareness of Health and Safety issues in kitchens

·       Basic knowledge of book keeping
Experience·       Previous work with


·       Previous involvement in a similar project
Personal attributes·       Honesty

·       In sympathy with the core values of ConneXions

·       Good people skills

·       Good personal hygiene

·       Ability to adapt and problem solve under pressure

·       Patience

·       Ability to forgive and forget.

Skills and abilities·       Clear communicator

·       Ability to handle money

·       Ability to communicate by email and order online

·       Ability to operate kitchen appliances

·       Ability to teach and train volunteers

·       Ability to bake

·       Ability to display food attractively


Other special requirements• PVG clearance• Driver