Helping Ease Anxiety and Depression after Stroke

Interested in taking part in a research study about mindfulness following stroke?

Mindfulness is a self-help course. Learning how to be ‘mindful’ can help people cope when they feel anxious or depressed.

We are doing research to find out how to help stroke survivors and family members learn how to be mindful. We are looking for stroke survivors and family members to take part in the research.

Taking part involves trying out some mindfulness exercises, and telling us what you thought about them in a focus group that will be held in October this year (2017). We will make changes to the Mindfulness course and then hold a focus group in February next year (2018).

The focus groups will be held in community centres in Greenock, and Irvine or Kilmarnock and at Glasgow Caledonian University, West Central Scotland.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact
Dr Maggie Lawrence (lead researcher): 0141 331 8863; maggie.lawrence@gcu.ac.uk
Ms Bridget Davis on: 0141 331 8713; Bridget.Davis@gcu.ac.uk; OR
Dr Leyla De Amicis on: 0141 331 3963; Leyla.DeAmicis@gcu.ac.uk