A wedding couple’s venue, St Dionis Church of England, was cordoned off due to the recent Parsons Green terror attack. But All Saints Church, near Putney Bridge, came to the rescue and hosted the service celebrations instead. As There’s so much more good and blessing we can achieve together

Fortunately David & Lauren’s marriage in St Mary’s RC Chapel went glitchlessly. Ok, it could’ve been drier, but spiritual sunshine beamed brightly upon Mr & Mrs Ingram and all present as Fr Boyd and I performed our ‘Tag Wedding’.

One joy of being in Irvine for 28 years is marrying people I baptised as infants, and even to baptise their children. On Saturday wedding privileges went to another level when I joined fellow ‘Shoes Brother’ Willie Boyd officiating on the Ingram’s Special day. Weeks previously Fullarton Connexions was jammed with friends and family to celebrate and give thanks for the wonderful life of Evelyn Robertson, one of Fullarton’s key elders, and David’s Gran. Saturday’s wedding witnessed a heightened spiritual atmosphere, surrounded by the cloud of saints & loved ones gone ahead of us into glory, who now line trackside of life to cheer us on.

Beforehand I asked Father Willie what he wanted me to do in the service. “Let’s share it 50/50 as far as we can!” He said. “I’ll welcome, then you welcome; I’ll introduce marriage from our tradition, then you do the same from yours, and after I’ve married them you give them a blessing.” Such is the friendship & understanding Willie and I have built up over years of community building through film, radio, golf, football, funerals, weddings and joint services, I can honestly say that I didn’t bat an eyelid and the service was seamless. Numerous people afterwards described it as the most personal and moving wedding service they’d ever attended.

It was Spiritual Synergy: Father, Son & Holy Spirit scooping us up into a tremendous sense of God’s Gracious, Unconditional, Loving Presence, uniting families across aisle and grave. Willie and I were simply channels & catalysts for God’s Love in Christ to be felt and telt. It’s hard to describe, indeed better ‘felt than telt!’

In his letter to The Romans (16:9, 21) St Paul describes Urbanus & Timothy as ‘co-workers’ (‘sunergos’, from which our word ‘synergy’ comes). Synergy: ‘the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.’ Combining with these fellow workers, Paul could achieve so much more than on his own.

TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More! And so ‘Together’ husband & wife, David & Lauren can multiply blessing to each other and others as they allow God’s Love to work through them. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ingram!