Sports Parables is a new resource offered by our Sports Development team, applying Christian faith and life-skills to sporting life.

We believe that God is everywhere and active in sport. Everyday sporting scenarios provide opportunity to experience, express & explore God’s Love, Grace and Good News in new ways. Jesus used parables (stories with hidden meaning) to connect with people , using relevant situations, through which to share Grace & Truth. Sports Parables aim to do the same; to take a sports scenario and highlight an important Christian value, learnable in that moment.

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  Sports Parables #1: You Plank!  Sports Parables #2: Win well, lose less  Sports Parables #3: 70x7  Sports Parables #4: Respond v React  Sports Parables #5: Play like Barcelona

  Sports Parables #6: Get Real!  Sports Parables #7: Chosen  Sports Parables #8: Pedalling Required  Sports Parables #9: Hard to Exercise  Sports Parables #10: Armchair Athlete


This is a free resource that may be used in sermons and for educational purposes – without charge or obligation. You may download, copy and distribute without permission as long as no cost is charged and the source is acknowledged.