Service from Sunday 28th August by Rev Stewart Birse

2nd Samuel 11:1-17, Psalm 51:1-10, Psalm 103:1-5

David sinned greatly but was forgiven extravagantly in accordance with GoD’s nature, which always offers a fresh start after repentance.
David’s life contained several messy bits, not just his adultery with Bathsheba but his relationship with his son Absolom who threatened to take the throne from him. But God never deserted this man despite the way he mucked things up on occasion.
David was given the task of gathering all the materials, gold, silver and precious stones for the building of the temple. The people gave an amazing amount which humbled David, but what they gave was what they could afford to give as God had blessed Israel with great riches through David’s faithful leadership of God’s people.
David’s legacy was not just the temple, built by his son Solomon, but a wealth of psalms and songs sung in the temple, many of which contain deep insights into the heart of God. David was a man after God’s own heart because he had a real heart for God.

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