Morning service from Sunday 21st May led by Rev Stewart Birse

Text Messages –  1 Sam 1v 7-20, Matt 7 v7-8, Luke 18 v1-8, Rom 12 v9- 12, Eph 6 v 16- 18, 1st Thess 5 v 16 and 17

Perseverance in prayer:-

Proves we are children of God since the saved are those who persevere.
Proves we are serious about what we pray for, since giving up means we probably didn’t care enough.
Gains what we ask for since God delights to answer our sincere requests.
Gains knowledge of God as good, kind, giving.
Keep praying, even if there is no answer in your lifetime. Many are answered after we are gone, e.g. A prayer of George Mueller for an unsaved man for whom he prayed for over 63 years. Man came to faith when Mueller’s coffin was being lowered into the ground.

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