Morning service from Sunday 19th February 2017 led by Rev Stewart Birse.

Text message – Matthew Chapter 27

We all want a life free of suffering, but Jesus never promised that, even though in his earthly life he relieved the suffering of so many. He said that in the world we shall have trouble.

He calls us to a life where we are willing to suffer: “Take up your cross and follow me.”

His suffering and death was not that of a hapless victim, but one talking on the power of sin and death and triumphing over it for us and for the world.

His suffering and death is redemptive. It produced the greatest good in history. It put us right with God, opened the door to fellowship with a Holy God and has turned all our suffering into something that also can be redemptive. We suffer to bring forth the life of Christ into the world, as a mother suffers the pains of childbirth to bring forth a new life.

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