Dear Prayer Partners in North Ayrshire

You will hopefully have had an email last week introducing you to our desire to encourage individuals, families and churches within North Ayrshire to get involved in this year’s Thy Kingdom Come events from 13th to 23rd May. This is now seen as a Global Wave of Prayer and you can get all the core information from their website.

As part of the national 24/7 Prayer movement we are based in Irvine and spread across North Ayrshire so it is our hope to encourage people as individuals, and as groups and churches to get involved in prayer. More information on the 24/7 Prayer website.

Sign up sheet and resources

We have set aside the 10 day block and are asking people to sign up to pray for one hour over the period from 9am on the 13th May (Ascension) to 9am on Sunday 23rd May (Pentecost). This is done through the National 24/7 website. (link at bottom of email) There are loads of resources to encourage and help people to pray on the above websites. You are directed to a range of these ideas and resources via a special virtual prayer wall ( link at bottom of email) which has ideas and links for individuals and groups to use.

Prayer Gatherings

You are invited to join together for half an hour of prayer each day on Zoom This will take place at 2pm on the Thursdays and at 7.30pm on the other days. The Zoom link for this is given below.

There are lots of resources for families, for youth and for use in churches, and it would be great to hear of other activities which have been organised. In the meantime can we ask that you publicise this information as widely as possible on your websites and Facebook pages or in emails. We would love as many people as possible to get involved. (PS there are downloadable graphics on the TKC website.)

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Important Details for Sign Up and Publicity

Sign-up Sheet for the Continuous Prayer 13th to 23rd.

Virtual Prayer Wall of Resources

Zoom Link Invitation for the Prayer Gatherings