This adapted version of Maslow’s Pyramid of human needs both makes me smile and sobers me up. Access to Wifi is very important to many of us, but surely it’s not more important than: food, water, warmth, rest, security, safety, intimate relationships, friends, esteem, sense of accomplishment, creativity and fulfilling our potential?

In the mist and melee of the sensational ‘Silly Season’ which is ‘Advent’ I confess to moments of numbness and phases of automatic pilot. I love the coming and going, and wonderful chances to connect with people in schools, community and church. But, there’s all the more need to punctuate the frenetic activity with periods to pause and pray, moments to meditate and ask searching questions like, “What’s it really all about?”

Journaling and reading are two helpful sleeping policemen, which regularly slow me down enough to listen to God. Today, I finished Sam Wells’ insightful, provocative, and inspirational book ‘Incarnational Mission’. He points to our deepest human need the more significant hunger we all yearn for. It’s that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ something else which we can’t name, what U2’s Bono sang about with the backing of a Black Gospel Choir, “And I still haven’t found what I’m looking for!”


I don’t pretend to fully answer this question for you, but I do believe that ‘the birth of Jesus’ that first Christmas, points us in the right direction to finding what we still haven’t found: the hand to scratch the itch in our soul we can’t reach, the lover to love the ‘You’ you long to become, the ‘raison d’etre’, reason for living, which seems so illusive.

Sam writes, “Are you hungry? Does your hunger have a name, like a yearning for a job or a partner or a home or a new start? Or is your hunger deeper or
more insatiable than that, something that gaining those precious things won’t assuage? “Listen carefully”, says Isaiah (chapter 55), “eat what is good, and delight yourselves in rich food…Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price.”It’s free but not cheap – it’s priceless but for everybody. If you’re hungry – deeply, deeply hungry – hear the good news, the good news that you’ve been waiting all this time for: God’s hungry. Hungry for you.”


Allowing the ‘Christmas Penny’ to drop into the slot and start filling the gaping understanding gap of our significance and what life’s really all about, involves the realisation that God is willing to go to the Almighty Bother of shrinking to foetus and baby size to get close to you. Further, when the truth of God’s Love for us in Jesus Christ starts to dawn, The Spirit is able to overflow our soul with God’s loving presence, purpose and power to help us live the life God designs and desires for us. Friend,God gets you, digs you, loves you! God’s hungry. Hungry for you!