Dear Anne, You are sorely missed, fondly remembered and, 2 years since leaving these Scotia shores for heavenly, what joy to celebrate your life together with neighbours, church, and family!

Due to pandemic restrictions, how painful for Anne’s daughter ‘June’, and family, to be unable to fly from Canada to mourn their beloved Mum, Gran & Great Gran G-Gi’s passing in person! But nearly 2 years since Anne (92) died, June, granddaughters Angela & Sarah, grandson Lauchlan, and son in law Alex were here to celebrate Anne’s long and bright shining life.

Dear Anne, and her man ‘Bob’ (died 2009), were in with the bricks here at Fullarton over the years I’ve been here, helping with Youth Café, Summer Mission & Centre Café. Whenever the Beach Boys’ song ‘Barbara Ann’ blared out in my family car all my kids burst into song, sure that the words were not “Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Barbara Ann” but actually, “Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob & Ann!” Olympic Huggers and Legends in their own time!

Dear Anne oozed love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness & self-control. She was a spiritual, godly, prayerful, genuine, welcoming, generous, tactile, demonstrative, smiling, sassy, beautiful inside & out lovely lady & people person. She was such a blessing to all who knew her and pointed us all to Jesus, whom she trusted implicitly.

Dear Anne’s ‘Bob’ was in hospital with a life-threatening illness. Understandably Anne was distraught and spent a whole night on her knees in prayer for Bob’s deliverance. Slipping in and out of slumber Anne wrestled in intercession, until peace, and calm assurance, enveloped her with the vision of Jesus stepping up to Bob, in his hospital bed, to place his healing hand upon Bob’s shoulder. Remarkably, next day Bob recounted how, in the middle of the night, he sensed a presence and touch on his shoulder, after which he felt a wellness sweep through his whole body and being. Praise God, Bob recovered and lived to fight another day.

Anne loved colour, rainbows, and especially butterflies, which decorated her whole house. Wendy Craig, the main star of the old TV series ‘Butterflies’, wrote Anne’s favourite hymn:

When I’m confused Lord, show me the way…

baffled and bruised, Lord, show me the way…

Still my heart and clear my mind, prepare my soul to hear

your still, small voice, your word of truth: Peace be still! your Lord is near;

always so close to show you the way, show you, show you the way.

When I’m afraid, Lord, show me the way…

weak and dismayed, Lord, show me the way…

Lift my spirit with your love, bring courage, calm and peace:

you who bore all for my sake so I could walk from fear released–

with you beside me showing the way, showing, showing the way…


Dear Anne,

Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement to trust Jesus in all situations and whatever the circumstance!