A Christopher Columbus moment! With wide-eyed excitement, she thanked God for her first sighting of ‘snow drops’ unfurling their bright white lamp lights! Her enthusiasm was infectious as we rejoiced in her sighting of dry land, more meaningful in view of the icy, wet, bleak, black winter we’re stuttering and spluttering through.


For over two months Columbus sailed westwards in search of Asia. His disgruntled & depressed crew were just one day short of turning back when they first sighted America! Winter has been hard for many of us, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and economically. Suicide is a tempting proposition for some caught in the wintry darkness; some try to return to a glowing nostalgic past through memories, wishing they could put the clock back; we all do our best to muddle through difficult times in search of that dry ‘promised land’.


There was something beautifully surprising and inspirational about this lady’s sighting and sharing; she’s a dear quiet, shy soul and not used to speaking out in crowded company. She just couldn’t contain herself, bursting with the joy and hope such sighting gave her, hope of Spring’s colour and beauty bursting from bare, black soil, symbolic of something deeper & primal.

We’re entering a season of great anticipation and hopefulness. Easter is late this year (21stApril) but nature’s new life is already pointing us towards Easter’s promise, a way through dullness, depression & ‘darkest death’ to brighter living, through Jesus victory over evil and life’s end.

Keep your eyes peeled for more sightings of this brave new world!